10 Things I've Learned from Uber Drivers in Thailand - Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Long Life


Everyone has wisdom to share. Today I share with you the 10 things I've learned from uber/grab drivers, sepcifically in Northern Thailand. After taking countless rides and having countless conversations with them all, I took note on the repetitions and themes in the life lessons and advice they gave to me as I sat there in awe with open ears and an open heart. Think of these as the secrets to a happy, healthy long life!

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Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! Now, if you know me, you know that Chiang Mai, Thailand is my all time favourite place in the World. So naturally, I was beyond stoked that in this episode, I got to gush about the 10 life lessons I've learned from the Uber/Grab drivers here in Northern Thailand! Think of them as secrets to a happy, healthy long life because that's what we chatted about most in the cars when I had these conversations with these beautiful souls. There is so much wisdom to be learned from all people from all walks of life and I highly recommend engaging in conversation with your taxi driver, uber driver, grab, lyft, go-jek (whatever company or person is driving you around), especially in different places around the globe and within various cultures. I know a lot of this seems so common-sensical, but common sense ain't common practice and I think that if we take the time to internalize, think about and take action upon living these things out, it could make a really big difference! I hope you enjoy today's episode!


1. Eat good food, eat well, nourish your body with the right things

2. Don’t do things that shorten your lifespan (smoking, drinking etc), do things that promote good health. Quit bad habits

3. Move everyday (exercise) in whatever form that takes

4. Give thanks

5. Feel lucky

6. If it happens or doesn’t, it’s okay either way. Detachment and impermanence.

7. It never hurts to ask

8. Be curious about others and have conversations, bring the humanity back!

9. Treat everyone with the same respect and kindness (practice non-judgement)

10. Don’t take life too seriously :)

Full Transcript of Today's Episode:

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: I highly recommend you listen into the podcast show instead of reading through this transcript as this is done through a digital means. There may be errors in words, spelling, grammar and transcribing accuracy as a whole that don’t fully align with what was said during the podcast episode, so just keep that in mind. But, it’s here for you just in case you’d prefer to read through.

Hello and welcome back to today's podcast show. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you're listening on Christmas Eve in 2018, well happy holidays and happy new year's and merry Christmas if that's something that you celebrate. Thanks again you guys for being so patient with me. I really wanted to get this out for you last Monday, but I was in a little village called Pi in northern Thailand here and I ended up getting sick right before I was going to record for this podcast show and ended up losing part of my voice. But I'm here now and I'm here to record the show for you today. I want to talk about the 10 life lessons and 10 things I've learned from the drivers. So when I say drivers, I mean drivers from using the apps like Uber, grab, lift, Go Jack, that sort of thing. And I'm specifically talking about the drivers here in Thailand.

Now, if you don't know, I was in Thailand last year living in northern Thailand for around four months and this year we actually ended up moving to Southeast Asia and we're currently living in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand right now as I'm recording this. So if you're not familiar, grab basically bought out uber. So when I say the word grab driver, I mean something of the sorts of an uber driver or someone who's driving you and one of those apps. So what I recommend people to do, especially if they're traveling to another part of the world, is to get curious, talk, engage, ask questions with the person who's driving, especially if you're traveling because you would be surprised what a wealth of knowledge these drivers are and how much they have to share and how much they have to give. And also just talk to people because as you talk to people, you figure out other things and other aspects of their culture and the way they see things.

And it's just so interesting to engage in conversation instead of just being on your phone the whole time and ignoring the driver altogether. So I encourage you next time that you're in an uber or a lyft or whatever car when you're traveling in a cab and a taxi to just try to chat and see what happens because you never know what you're gonna learn from these people. And today I have put together the 10 things that I have learned specifically from the drivers here in Thailand and I wanted to do this because I find that the people here in Thailand just generally are just so dang happy and joyous and exude so much happiness and they're always joking and laughing and not taking life too seriously. So I thought that I would put this list together for you guys and these are real things that I've learned from the drivers here in Thailand from around five months of being here in northern Thailand altogether.

So I really hope you enjoy it. And let's get started. So what I usually ask when I'm in the car is once I start chatting and building some rapport, I like to ask what their kind of rules for life are or their secrets to living a long happy life is. And this, of course, is probably influenced by Buddhism and that Buddhism mentality here in Chiang Mai and here in Thailand. However, I find that these are such universal truths and such good things to spread. So I highly recommend sharing this with someone that you care about that you think could benefit from listening in to today's show. Now, the first one, and this is in no particular order of these ridges, the 10 things that the uber slash grabbed drivers uber last year, grabbed this year. I've taught me here in Thailand as I've been taking these rides and talking with the drivers.

So the first one is eat good food and eat well. So a lot of the time when I'm talking to these drivers, I asked, you know, how do you look so young? Because a lot of the drivers look so much younger than they actually are when I find out their actual age. So I like to ask them, well, what keeps you so young and what keeps you, you know, so healthier, happier, or what is your kind of secret in life to feeling this way and to being this way? And please note that the drivers that have taught me these things, and I know they may seem common sensical, but common sense isn't common practice and these things are great universal truths that I think that we can all learn from if we actually instill it and we actually take the time to embed it into our brains and also just take the time to internalize what they really mean and ponder upon them.

So the first one of course is eat good food and eat well, like I said, and all these drivers are from all different walks of life and all different age ranges. It comes from young people to adolescents to people in their adulthood. And then also older, older men and women that have been drivers that have taught me these things. So the first one is eat good food and eat well. Which means when this particular driver told me this, he kind of elaborated and he said, you know, don't have bad habits and that moves into the second one. So I'm assuming when they say eat good food and eat well for the first one, it means be kind to your body, eat nutritious things, eat things that are going to help you flourish and eat healthy foods, eat things that are going to give you clean fuel and energy and eat well, be kind to your body.

And number two that I learned from these drivers is don't do things that shorten your lifespan. Do things that give you good health, that promote good health, so don't smoke, don't drink, don't do anything that's going to be harmful to you and poisonous to you. And that's just a general thing that I kept hearing over and over again and they said, do things that are good for your health so you don't eat fruits, eat vegetables, that kind of thing. The number three is move every single day. Do some sort of form of exercise. No matter what that is. It can be touchy, it could be yoga, it could be just going for a stroll in the park. It could be walking or it could be, you know, boxing, it can be Thai boxing, more tie. It could be so many different things. Kickboxing, going to the gym, it could be swimming.

They just said to move every single day. Now, number four is to give thinks, so be thankful and say thank you to other people. Something that you'll find when you're here in northern Thailand is they're constantly saying Kupuna, Kaka, and Kupuna Cup, which means thank you so much. If you're a female or male, depending on which one you are, you're going to say the ending a little bit different, but they're always giving things and they're always portraying that attitude of just giving thanks and being thankful and just being a very thankful person. So that's number four. Number five is feel lucky, so I think that would translate to having gratitude to just feeling lucky and feeling grateful to be in the situation that you're in and now that's a little bit different than giving thanks. Giving thanks as an actually being thankful and saying things and giving out things to people and the experiences.

However, feeling lucky is something that you're going to feel inside, like you feel lucky to be in the situation in the place that you're in. Giving thanks is what you're going to be giving outward. The attitude of thankfulness, outward feeling lucky is something you're going to feel for yourself inside, and that's how it was explained to me. Now, number six is that if it happens or doesn't, it's okay either way, that kind of belief of detachment, that kind of detachment of an event or something that happens. I found that if somebody say a tour guide, if you confirm that you're going to go on a tour there content about that, but if you cancel the tour or if you don't confirm that you're going to do the tour with them or you don't end up doing it, they're also content with that. Like if something happens or it doesn't, it's okay either way and they kind of ride the wave and they go with the flow.

So I think that's something that we can all learn from that if something happens or whether it doesn't, it's okay. You'll be okay. And I feel like we put so much emphasis, a lot of the time on the result or the outcome or on the situation when a lot of the time when having that mindset of regardless of what happens, it's okay either way, it's a great thing to just learn from. Number seven is that it never hurts to ask. This is something that I've learned just throughout my life growing up. I know this just from experience. It never hurts to ask and you absolutely never know what can come out of asking and you never know what you're going to learn, but also who you're going to see again and what can come from that question or from engaging in that. Now, this is something that the drivers definitely rein-stilled and definitely reminded me of.

So many drivers have asked certain questions to me that led to relationships and that led to meeting up with them over and over again, doing tours with them and then becoming friends with them. So it never hurts to ask, where are you from? What are you doing here? Those kinds of questions and engaging in conversation and just as a general rule of thumb, it just never hurts to ask ever in life. It never hurts to ask that question that you're wondering because you never know what will come from it, so just a little boost to know that it never really hurts to ask in life because usually the worst that can happen is something that doesn't really matter anyway, so just next time when you're finding yourself being curious about something, just ask. You never know what's going to come from it. Number eight is be curious about others.

Now this kind of goes in alignment with never hurts to ask, but it's more about being curious and talking and engaging in conversation and truly, genuinely being curious, being curious in a genuine way. Not in a way of doing it for some sort of end goal, but just doing it because you're simply curious and I find that the drivers here and in a general sense in my experience, they were just so curious and just genuinely curious and I find people in general here. I'm in Thailand. It's just they're just the sweetest, warm his souls, but they're just so curious and we'll just come up to you and talk to you and ask questions and then they'll leave like they're just genuinely curious people and I just love it because it just brings that humanity back and a lot of the times we're not used to people coming up to us and being curious and talking and being genuinely kind and compassionate and sweet and helping us out and taking care of us in a genuine way.

Now I'm not saying this as a one case fits all thing, like of course be smart and of course follow your gut instinct, but it took me last year a while to get used to it. That people here are just genuinely really nice. People are genuinely curious and they don't have any hidden agenda for the most part. So again, I'm not blanket terming this. I'm just speaking from my personal experience of living here for five months, so please just be curious about other people and also that is a huge way to build influence as well. When you're curious about other people, people love to hear their names, people love to talk about themselves, so that is how you're going to build influence and you're also going to build that kind of charisma and that kind of sense of memory and being memorable. People will always remember you because you're interested in them.

Now, number nine is treat everyone with respect and kindness and practice non-judgment. One thing I found, whether or not someone was a driver or not, however I did learn this from drivers as well, is that regardless of how you're dressed, what you're flaunting, where you're from, people just tend to treat everybody with the same amount of respect and kindness. The same greetings. I mean there's been days where I've been a total hot mess versus being like dressed up for dinner and I get the same exact reaction from people and that is something that drivers have taught me as well. Over the course of time. They've said, you know, the secret to a long life is to treat everyone with respect and kindness and practice non-judgment like these are a lot of things that are secrets. To a long, happy, fulfilled life, you know, eat good food, eat well, don't do things that are bad for you.

Move every day. Exercise, give thanks. Feel lucky if it happens or it doesn't, it's okay and of course be curious. It never hurts to ask and treat everybody with respect and kindness and that goes into practicing non-judgment. Now number 10, I think is the one of the most important ones I should say they're all important, but this one I think is what I've learned beyond all the others that has been stated over and over and over again. To me, from the drivers and also just the local people. It's don't take life too seriously. Laugh joke, make jokes. Don't take life too seriously, and I think that's the one thing that really sets apart the people here that I've learned that they're always joking and laughing with each other and they don't take life too seriously. Just so beautiful to be around, but also that man that could be a huge key to life.

Like if you're always uptight and stressed out and practicing judgment and talking bad about people and being in that negative space and gossiping instead of focusing on ideas or maybe you're just completely quiet and I've gotten totally quiet and they're just not curious and not talking to people at all. Maybe you're not asking the questions that are on your mind and maybe you're putting so much emphasis on results and situations and outcomes and reacting to that and coming from a reactive place. You don't feel lucky. You don't give thanks. You're not really moving much and you are doing things that are detrimental to your health and you're not eating good food. Well, you're not gonna have a long, healthy, happy life. And that's just the truth of it. So I just wanted to share these 10 things that I've learned in hopes that it will resonate with you in that in hopes that you don't take life too seriously and you understand that, you know, at the end of the day it's about the laughs you share and it's about the light hearted things as well.

And it's about the little things. So again, the 10 things that I've learned from the Uber grabbed drivers here in Thailand and just generally from the local people here in Thailand is, number one, eat good food and eat well. Number two, don't do things that shorten your lifespan. Do things that promote good health. Number three, move every single day an exercise. Number four, give thinks. Number five, feel lucky. Number six, if it happens or it doesn't, it's okay either way. Number seven, never hurts to ask. Number eight, be curious about other people. Bring that humanity back. Number nine, treat everyone with respect and kindness and try to practice nonjudgment. And number 10, don't take life too seriously. So guys, I hope you enjoyed the 10 things that I've learned from these uber and grab drivers and I just want you to think next time that you're in a car, say if you're in a cab or an uber or any of those apps or you're being driven somewhere by someone that is a complete stranger, especially when it's in a different part of the world.

Of course, use your common sense and judge the situation as it's going and go with your gut instinct. I'm just saying these are the things that I've learned, assessed the situation of course, but I just want to encourage you to just ask more questions and to engage in that conversation because you never know what you're gonna. Learn the amount of things that I've learned from these drivers is mindblowing and just the cute little things that I will keep with me forever and my memory. I'll never forget. One of the drivers that I got into the car with and the first thing she asked was, are you happy? And it just completely caught me off guard because nobody really asks that. And I started to do that too. And I know it can seem cheesy to ask an old couple, what are the rules to a long happy marriage?

Or what are your secrets to being together that long? Or asking people from different what they think gives a long, happy life. But these are the things that we need to ask and this is how we grow in. This is how we learn from an array of different people and experiences, and this is how we can inspire other people with that knowledge and it's just such a beautiful thing to observe and to learn as well. Lastly, I just want to remind you to pay these drivers respect as you would any other human because they're human beings too, obviously, and everyone deserves presence and respect. So next time you're tempted to go on your phone and completely just disengage in any sort of conversation. I just want to encourage you to ask how they're doing, how their day's been. You'd be surprised. What an impact those little tiny things can make on someone's Day.

Maybe a lot of tourists don't even talk at all and you never know that maybe that driver hasn't had a conversation with someone in five or six rides until you came into the picture. So I just wanted to encourage you to do that. And with that, I hope you enjoyed today's podcast show and I hope you learned something from the 10 things that I've learned from these drivers because I, of course, sure have, and I hope that you'll share it with someone who you think could resonate with this podcast show. Thanks so much for listening and of course I will talk to you real soon.


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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