20 Must-Have Apps You Need in Today's World


In today's fast-paced World, knowing which apps to use is everything. In this blog post, I share with you my top 20 must-have apps for today's World! Of course, new apps, startups and tech-things release by the minute but, at the time of writing this post and recording my Podcast, these are my ride or die's! My day one's for sure.

technology is amazing

It's amazing to think that we can hold in the palm of our hands, so much innovation, software and functionality all in one or two devices (phones & laptops/computers). It's incredible. 50 years ago, people would've laughed at the thought of having all these things integrated in one spot. Apps make our lives easier, more productive, healthier and better. So much love and hard work goes behind developing apps and I've had my fair share of testing out tons of them! I thought today that I would share my top 20 must-have ride or die's. Now, some of them are simple, but so so sooo useful if you use them consistently and set them up as habitual or in systems. And others, just for fun or for other areas in achieving a balanced lifestyle. These may not be the most advanced apps, but these are definitely the apps I find myself using almost on a daily basis. All in all, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Ps. Honesty is my #1 policy. This is in no way sponsored by any of the app companies - these are just genuinely the apps I love to use and adore :). 100% my opinion.  How boring to just list things off when you don't actually use them!

a tool or a distraction?

I'm a strong believer that our devices and apps/technology can be used either as a tool or a distraction device entirely. Aim to use your phone as a weapon baby! There's so much off the hook stuff that it's capable of outside of a wastage of time or a popularity contest. It's all in the set up and the sticking to it - setting our phones and laptops up for success and for wellness is key! Know that it's literally in the palm of your hands to either use the abundance of the play store or app store as something that helps amp you up incredibly in life or keeps you right where you are. The choice as always, is ours. Alright, let's begin!

1. evernote

This is where I keep all my to-do's, lists & thoughts! You can organize everything in notebooks and notes. It's literally the best thing ever for productivity and organization. Get it and use it consistently - your future self will thank you. evernote.com 

2. myfitnesspal

I love this app for tracking calories, food intake, macros/micros, water intake & exercise! I've used it for years and use it more extensively when I have a fitness or weight-loss goal in mind. Once you use it, you gain so much insight onto what foods are even worth your intake! Also, after a while you memorize a lot of it and don't need to use it as much. Calorie counting and calorie restriction is a topic in and of itself that I won't dive into here - if you're not into calorie counting, it's still a great app to log macros/micros, water and exercise too! myfitnesspal.com

3. calm.com

I owe so much to this app! Meditation has changed my life (as I'm sure it has for so many of you, too). Calm has come such a long way and I've loved seeing it develop over the years into a more and more awesome app. Highly recommend it for meditation. Another great meditation app is Headspace which I've used before, but I personally prefer Calm and find myself using it over all else in terms of meditation apps! My day one for sure. So grateful this app exists and their team is just the sweetest - also, they have a wonderful book too called Calm. calm.com

4. 1Password

Alright, this is an app I think EVERYONE needs to have. Especially in today's World. Research it, download it, use it. You will thank me later when you don't ever get hacked! It secures all your passwords and you can make extremely complex passwords up with their password generator that's stored within the app and encrypted with a lock key code and your master password. I literally use it for every login and password of mine. It also streamlines everything for you and keeps all your things in one convenient place. Takes a bit to get used to, but SO beyond worth it once you're used to it! 1password.com

5. Oh She Glows & Happy Cow

Firstly, Oh She Glows is one of the most stunning app interfaces I've ever seen! The user experience is so elegant and beautiful. Their design team is 👌and even if you aren't plant-based or vegan/vegetarian, you will adore this app. So many amazing recipes and they always turn out so well - her blog is amazing too. ohsheglows.com

Happy Cow is an app I use all the time when travelling to source out the best plant-based restaurants, grocery stores and spots wherever I am in the World. Definitely comes in handy! happycow.net

6. Groupon

Dolla' dolla' bills y'all. Lemme' save you some! Everybody loves deals. Groupon's got your back. Groupon is awesome for travelling, local deals, goods, getaways and so much more. They also always have promo codes and coupon codes on top of the deals which are bomb! I love checking in to Groupon every now and then because I feel no matter how wealthy or rich or abundant someone's bank account is, everyone loves a good deal! In fact, a lot of the time...that's a main reason people who are rich are and STAY rich. They save money, they look for deals, they're bargain shoppers, they are more frugal, they are money smart. So, get yourself some dealios up in here! groupon.com

7. TripAdvisor

I use this sooo much when travelling around! Some places in the World, you'll find people use Google reviews and other review sites more so than in other parts of the World. I find in the Eastern part of the World, TripAdvisor is where it's at! In the Western part, for the most part, it's more Google reviews. Let me know if you find the same thing when you travel? Comment below! I usually check several sources when it comes to reviews and things to do on attractions, restaurants etc. But, TripAdvisor is phenomenal and has a great layout! For sure a keeper. tripadvisor.com

8. Spotify

Spotify is so awesome. I love it of course for music, but more recently, for podcasts too! Ahhhh, so much poppin' music, so little time. Spotify is definitely my jam ;)...see what I did there? *ha!* spotify.com

9. Stitcher

Stitcher is my podcast app! I used Stitcher much before Spotify integrated podcasts too and since I'm on Android, I love Stitcher. Of course, if you have an Apple device, use itunes or Apple Podcasts but if you're an Android gal or guy like me, Stitcher is great for podcasts. Stitcher also has more podcast shows than Spotify (at the time of writing this) - I think a lot of creators haven't got on the Spotify bandwagon yet, but I'm sure in time, they will. I probably will still use Stitcher though along with Spotify for my podcast listening!  stitcher.com

10. Unsplash

Omg. If I could hug each and every photographer submitting into Unsplash, I would. That would be a whole lotta' hugs, but I'd do it. In a heartbeat. Unsplash is just, the best. It's high res, high quality, stunning images and photos shared to everyone and anyone to use however they wish. The photos are from photographers around the World who travel all over the World, from every corner of the World and who are from all walks of life! I know Unsplash is becoming huge in the entrepreneurial space and they 100% deserve all the success they receive. I love it because they aren't the same old stock images you see hangin' around everywhere - they're super unique and just, phenom'! Highly recommend it as an app, a website, as a desktop wallpaper integration and as a online tab integration too! Who doesn't like seeing gorgeous images? So inspiring and so thankful for the team at Unsplash in all that they do! unsplash.com

11. HQ

Okay, this one is just for fun, but I love it! HQ is a trivia gameshow app that lets the general public from anywhere in the World play at certain times in the day play for real cash money baby! I've never actually won any money 'cause it's freaking hard, trust me. It's difficult, but so so so fun and the host is hilarious. hqtrivia.com

12. Audible

Now, I personally like physical books over audio books - I feel I get into a deeper place with them, but audio books are the next best thing especially when you're driving or doing errands...maybe you're on a solo walk? Whatever it may be, Audible is the kind of audio books and is such game-changer! I love alternating between podcasts and audio books, too. Adore Audible - highly highly recommend it if you haven't downloaded it already. audible.com

13. TextExpander

I'm always shocked to know that not many people know about this one. it's a game-changer in productivity for sure! Look it up and get it, especially if you work in support or send lots of emails on similar topics. It saves so much time and effort. My rule in life is if I do the same thing or type the same thing more than 3 times, I gotta' create a automated system or solution for it. Textexpander is great for this! Check it out for sure. textexpander.com

14. Pomodoro

I touched on this on this blog post here.  Pomodoro's are awesome and such a great way to chunk your work or study time! I used it a ton when I was in Uni' and love it even today. I just use my phone clock and timer now because I can customize the sound I want it to make...I know right, so bougee! But, there's lots of pomodoro apps and things out there. Such an awesome way to get more done in chunking your time. pomodoro.com

15. Google Drive

Mr. Goog'z is my saviour in so many ways. Google Drive is literally my computer and entire online and digital existence. I keep everything there in organized folders - I barely keep anything on my actual laptop because when I'm on the go I have access to my entire computer. It's literally become so second-nature for me that I couldn't imagine organization of my data and storage any other way. Drive is terrific for everyone and I'm definitely a long-time big fan! drive.google.com

16. APOD

Astronomy Photo of the Day is out of this World! See what I did there? Okay, I really need to stop it with the bad jokes...but I probably won't. Just sayin'! If you love Astronomy and Space as much as I do (I'm OBSESSED and have been since I was born, pretty much...it's a real thing you guys, I LOVE space, astronomy, astrophysics and all of it), you will LOVE this app. It's exactly as the name states...the Astronomy Photo of the Day. You can even install a widget on your Android device so it shows up automagically on your phone every day :). apodapp.com

17. PicMonkey & FaceTune & Canva

I love PicMonkey for all editing and design purposes - you can make png files, thumbnails, edit photos, you name it! I've been a long timer user of PicMonkey and love it. I also love Facetune for editing pics too and Canva is pretty sweet, too! I'd say I use PicMonkey and Facetune most though :). Check em' out and see which one's you like best! picmonkey.com, facetune.com, canva.com

18. F.lux

This is a MUST for everyone who works or uses their laptop or computers/devises after the sun sets or before sunrise. It changes the colouring of your screen so it doesn't mess your melatonin as much while working! I highly recommend getting F.lux, it's super duper important and makes a difference, for sure (even if you don't think it is, your body, brain and eyes will thank you)! justgetflux.com

19. Slack

Slack is as sassy and quirky as it is useful and functional! It's the best communication app out there, especially for teams, businesses and such. Some people use it even for family slack channels (I like to use Google hangouts more for that stuff) but Slack is an amazing team app and keeps everyone connected, in the know and organized. slack.com


If This Then That. Your own mini side-kick or personal virtual assistant, really. Especially, if you set it up well! Look it up and take a gander - it'll save you so much time. If you know me, you'll know I live for organization and streamlining processes. I LOVE systems, too. IFTTT is all of that and more! ifttt.com

What are your favourite apps? I would LOVE to know - I'm always on the hunt for new ones. Comment below to share the ones you can't live without or are currently obsessing about!



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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