3 Little Tidbits Aspiring to Inspire


Today's Tidbit Thursday is short & sweet. I share with you 3 tiny little poems/quotes/thoughts I wrote down a while back. I hope that they inspire you and lift your spirits!

3 itty bitty writings for you ♥

I hope that these small little tidbits help you today and resonate with you. I know that, for me, it helps just writing away when I'm reflecting on my thoughts. Writing is such a powerful tool of expression and has gotten me through some of the roughest patches of my life - and I know, it has done the same for countless others.

I always have my Evernote handy and have been writing poetry and quotes since I was around 11 years old. I have pages and pages (honestly, probably books worth) of it and one day hope to publish these raw writings in little quote books!

Until then though, I thought I’d share 3 small pieces with you today :).

Warning: They may be a little bit cheesy and corny, but I figured that if it can help you brighten your day up or just invoke some different thoughts into your mind, then why not?


1. growth & decay:

when the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes,

as the tide comes in and soon flows outward, with all the sand and grains…

then, how the seasons change...and sometimes elegantly as they softly dance into the next,

but sometimes they leap suddenly from one to another but with no regrets;

after the last autumn leaf has fallen, after the birds have flown back home,

after the stars have shined so long that they too, move on and have to go,

and then,

we look up at the sky and somehow try to navigate it all...

I wonder if in the end, we too,

are meant to fall,

and we too, are a constant cycle of growth and decay.


 2. write your story:

It's within us and within us only to choose how we show up in this world,

write your story with a strong hand,

be bold, be curious, be unapologetically yourself,

make your book a page-turner,

one nobody ever wants to put down,

and don't ever get caught up in comparing your chapter one with someone else's fourth edition;

every page that flips, every chapter that ends, every new beginning leads onto the next,

each sentence, each phrase, word and way…

so swift, you never would have missed,
a day,

that comes your hand may quiver -
it may get weak…

sometimes you wake with the tightest grip and seek to never let go,

however so, you keep writing because by the end of it,

you would have written your own for the whole world to see,

let it not be boring.


3. let it in:

the reason you feel so heavy is because you're solely focusing on how far you have to go,
not how far you've already come.

take a breath and internalize the small wins -
you've come a long way.


the best is yet to come...
but it's in the journey that the real magic happens.

you've already been rewarded.

now let it in.




Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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Today's QT's: Quote-ables & Takeaways from today's podcast episode & blog ↴


“I wonder if, we too, are just a constant cycle of growth and decay.”


“It's within us and within us only to choose how we show up in this world.”


“It's in the journey that the real magic happens.”


“The reason you feel so heavy is because you're solely focusing on how far you have to go, not how far you've already come.”


“Write your story with a strong hand.”