3 Little Tidbits to Motivate You


Today's Tidbit Thursday is short & sweet. I share with you 3 tiny little poems/quotes/thoughts I wrote down a while back. I hope that they inspire you and lift your spirits!

3 tidbits to motivate you♥

I hope that these small little tidbits help you today and resonate with you. I know that, for me, it helps just writing away when I'm reflecting on my thoughts. Writing is such a powerful tool of expression and has gotten me through some of the roughest patches of my life - and I know, it has done the same for countless others.

I always have my Evernote handy and have been writing poetry and quotes since I was around 11 years old. I have pages and pages (honestly, probably books worth) of it and one day hope to publish these raw writings in little quote books!

Until then though, I thought I’d share 3 small pieces with you today :).

Warning: They may be a little bit cheesy and corny, but I figured that if it can help you brighten your day up or just invoke some different thoughts into your mind, then why not? 


1. winners

The winner is not only the one who crosses the finish line, but the one who steps up to the beginning.

No one becomes a winner, a champion, or an expert at anything without once being a beginner.

It's useless to compare our chapter one to someone else's second book.

The ones who don't win...though, are the ones boo-ing from the sidelines. Judging as the race goes on - not realizing that they too, could be part of their own race, had they spent more time practicing courage than practicing criticism.

Maybe if they stopped paying so much attention to those who are running their own race and more time onto starting their own, they too, would have won.

A reminder to stay in your lane, run your own race and stay on track.

If you focus on your opponents and not on the finish line or the destination, you will inevitably lose.

Focus on you, not the competition.

Do you and run your own race.


2. greatness

People will ridicule you for your unpopular beliefs.

They'll make fun of how you think.

They won't understand your ideas, goals, or aspirations.

They will do everything in their power to keep you down…


when they do this, don't let it dishearten you...

For it only means that you're on the path to greatness.

Stay on path.


3. bloom 

All these weeds you're holding onto, you were never meant to carry.

Take them now and turn them into dandelions.

Gently blow them away and watch as they drift amongst the wind.

See them flutter and glisten throughout the sky.

Believe in their magic and purpose and timing.

For life, is never against you. It's always working for you.

And the stems that they leave behind?

They are there to remind you of the lessons that you've learned.

So take what you know now and use the space they've freed up to plant new flowers. 

Believe, trust and bloom into what you're meant to.




Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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