40 Inspirational Chinese Proverbs on Chinese New Year: Words of Wisdom on Life & Success


Happy Chinese New Year! At of the time of recording, editing and posting this podcast episode & blog, (Feb 5th 2019), it is Chinese New Year! I thought what better way to celebrate than to share with you some incredible ancient Chinese wisdom through 40 Chinese proverbs. I've had this blog post saved for a little while now and thought it was perfect to share today. But regardless of when you're listening in, wisdom is always a good thing to have and a good thing to double down on anytime we need a reminder!

Original Blog post with all 40 Chinese Proverbs listed:

I didn’t transcribe this podcast episode because it was way too far off of what I said, I highly recommend listening in to the right to these proverbs or reading them in the above linked Blog post :).


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In this podcast episode, I share with you 40 Chinese proverbs in honour of Chinese New Year (at the time of recording and publishing this podcast episode & blog, it was Feb 5th 2019, Chinese New Year)! Happy Chinese New Year! What better way to celebrate than to hone into ancient wisdom. Listen in now for your dose of inspiration and guidance from these proverbs.

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