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Today's Tidbit Thursday is a quickie but a powerful one! I share with you a montage of some quotes I collected throughout the years. I literally have thousands saved in various folders but here's a glimpse of some motivating ones I wanted you to hear! Click play on the side bar where you can listen in onto my podcast show or click play above :).

quotes every morning & night ♥

I'm quite ritualistic when it comes to quotes. Every morning & night I flip through motivational or inspirational quotes. I've been collecting them for years and years and have literally thousands of them in various folders. Whether it be screenshots via social media, or through my travels and what I see on signs etc, I've been an avid collector of quotes forever.

I would rather you listen in on the quotes as it's a better experience than you just reading them here. So, click the play button to the right of you on this page right now!

What is something you do for motivation every day? Comment below! I'd love to know and I'm sure others would too!

Some people think inspiration and motivation may be "fluffy" or "foofy" but I personally believe it to be the most important thing - it's what makes the biggest difference and why many of us even do anything at all! It's the spark, the light, the push...that ignites our souls and gets us wanting to do more, do better and be better. Inspiration & motivation are what make us tick as human beings and play a huge factor in our lives. It's so important.

Of course, you need more than just "rah-rah" - but, the "rah-rah" is still very much needed. "Rah-rah" WITH action, frameworks and solid steps make the true, best medley. 

^ So, for these very reasons...my personal life motto is:

"be inspired, inspire others."

If you were at all inspired today, do one better and inspire someone else by sharing this blog post or better yet, the podcast to these motivational quotes! 




Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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