Deepen Your Relationships With These 3 Magic Words: Advice onto Communication


Today I'm going to be talking about communication and how just 3 simple magic words can change the game up for you in deepening and strengthening your relationships. I also share the 8 things (give or take) people are looking for or wanting to receive while talking or expressing themselves to you. Lastly, I share some quick general tidbits and tips in being a more effective listener and communicator in your interactions with all sorts of people!

Today I want to chat about communication. Now, the problem with communication today is that…

we listen to respond and not to hear what the other person is saying.

We often impatiently wait to just blurt out what we want to say next. It's more about us than about empathizing and really hearing and listening between the lines of what our significant other friend, mother, uncle, coworker, person is actually saying to us.

If you pay attention to what people are trying to say in between the lines, you'll realize it's not such a mystery anymore because what they're looking for is usually one of 8 things in the moment. People usually need just one of 8 things (give or take).

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The 8 things people are looking for or wanting to receive when talking or expressing themselves:

1. Attention
2. Empathy
3. Appreciation
4. Understanding
5. Love
6. Nurturance
7. Affirmation
8. Encouragement

It's good to keep these in mind when you're listening in onto what someone else is saying ^

Think to yourself too, next time someone is listening to you, what you're truly looking for between the lines of what you're saying. 

Sometimes though, aside from that, people just need someone to be there for them and feel or hear what they're feeling or talking about.

Now, I'm not talking about those people who just gossip and talk about others. I boring of a life to lead! 

Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events and small minds talk about people.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

I'm talking about when someone is talking to you about their day or an idea that they have etc.

Beyond putting just more of a conscious effort onto listening to hear what other people are really saying, rather than just waiting your turn to reply...I want to share with you 3 magic words that one of my professors in Uni shared with me that has had a striking effect on my relationships! It also has been proven to have a striking effect and an insanely positive effect on all sorts of relationships and for tons of other people, too.

Now, I'm not sure where he got this from, but I know it was definitely backed up by research. These 3 words are the magic words that will take your communication and your interactions to the next level, and I personally don't really care much of where something came from or the source of it. I sometimes think that people take those things way too seriously. I'm more interested in the depth and the magnitude of what's actually being shared, so regardless where it came from, he told me this in one of his lectures and it really stuck with me. 

The 3 Magic Words

Drumroll please...

Tell. Me. More.

That's it. The words "tell me more."

When someone is expressing themselves or talking to you about something it's just sheer bliss for the other person talking when they hear "tell me more..." and it really conveys that you're not only just interested in what they're saying right now, but you truly care about hearing more about what they're talking about.

Try it next time and see the walls break and crumble right in front of you! 

Let me know in the comments below if saying these 3 words and thinking about the 8 things that people are wanting when talking helped in your interactions or what you think about it.

I hope that you can go around listening with a little bit more intention and just catching yourself or taking a couple of beats when you feel impatient to butt right in! Try saying the words, "tell me more" more often and just notice and see the shift that happens in the dialogue. Think about the 8 things that we are wanting between the lines when talking and pay attention to what others are saying through just the words.

Now, go out and strengthen & deepen your relationships!



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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