How to Achieve Your Goals: Goal Setting & Reaching Goals (Part 2/3 Goal Series)

Today is all about how to actually achieve your goals and the tried & true strategies in helping you get there! Now, not all these tips will work for you, but please take what works for you and mold together your ultimate goal routine and framework. Let's get started!

Today's blog post is part of a 3 part goals series and is all about realizing your goals and achieving them!

I'm going to be sharing what I do exactly in my goal setting and achievement process. It's what I find to be best practices from reading tons of books on this topic, going to seminars, doing webinars and just a whole lotta' research. So allow me to shorten your learning curve. These are the tried and true tricks and these are the things that I've been doing for years that I didn't really even realize I was really doing, until I wrote it out on paper for this podcast and blog post. Sometimes, we don't even realize what we are doing until we blueprint it out in a strategy!

If you haven't read the first blog post, I'd highly recommend doing that here because the first thing is obviously figuring out what's important to you and what you really need to focus on; what your priorities are where you're wanting to go. Once you figure out the kind of house that you're wanting, then and only then, can you restructure it and go through reverse engineering every room, the things that make it yours, the paint, the furniture, the flooring, etc. You can't really figure that out without having a clear idea of what you want to do in the future, first. And, if you don't have a very clear idea of what you want yet, that's okay too because we're all figuring it out as we go! 

I can be extremely sure about something, but it can change/shift and that's totally cool. Ask yourself things like: what you like to do, what you enjoy, what helps you grow, what's necessary, envision your ideal life, ideal self and day, how that's going to feel, not just what it looks like and so on. I go into a lot more depth in the previous blog post about all of that! 

Tips & Tricks Onto Goal Achievement

1. The first tip in actually achieving your goal is writing out your goals on paper because our brains encode a lot better and get a hang of things in a more impactful way when it's written out on paper. Seeing it and writing it out physically really helps.  Even saying it out loud verbally too compared to just thinking about it. It does wonders for our brains.

I suggest writing out what your 10 year plan is, where you want to be in 10 years, where your ideal life looks like in 10 years and then, maybe try writing it out for five years, 1 year and so on.

2. After you've done that, I want you to write out what your three month or quarterly goals are. Now, it can seem super overwhelming to do that, but reverse engineering your goals is one of the most effective and highly effective ways to reach your goals because there's already such a strong, long game and "why" behind your goals. When there's that intrinsic motivation for an over-arching way of life or goal, the short term goals don't seem so tedious anymore because you understand that they're part a grander scheme and grander plan and vision in your life.

3. Next tip, under each specific goal, write down five actionable mini goals within that goal. Say for example, your goal is to launch your website. Well, the first couple in your five mini goals may be: hire or research a web designer, buy the domain, figure out the content and images and what pages are going to be on it etc.

4. Once, you have the 5 mini goals written out for each goal, you're going to circle three or put a star next to three of them. And those goals, I like to call the ripple effect goals or the domino effect goals. They're the ones that you know are going to topple over each and every other goal on your list and help make them easier or more possible.

Example) Say, if your 10 goals have to do with lifestyle, relationships, health and fitness, money, career and hobbies...there's so many different types of goals, but say one of your goals states delegating part of your business or getting an assistant. This one goal of delegating part of your business or getting an assistant in turn, will clear out a lot of time for you where you can spend more time on your health and fitness, your hobbies, so you can have more time to do what only you can do in the business or with work related things and allow for more time in your relationship goals! That is a ripple effect or domino effect goal. It makes the other ones more possible. I recommend choosing 1-3.

5. Now, once you've figured out your ripple effect or domino effect goals, you're going to write down every single thing that you need to do. You're going to have a blank piece of paper and literally write out everything you can possibly think of relating to that goal (basically verbal vomit all over again on those 1-3 important goals).

6. Once you've done that and once you've written the five mini goals within each of those goals, what you're gonna do is you're going to research research research!

What do I mean by this? Well, I trust you've done the alignment work, but I want to save you even more time and effort. If your goal is to quit your current job and become a real estate agent. I just want you to do more research on it. Some goals seem real sexy on the forefront, but once you dig in, you realize, it is not going to work out with your lifestyle or priorities. I suggest researching into some of your main goals, asking around and even shadowing some people who have done that exact thing and seeing how it is for them not only on the goal level of things, but how there persona life unfolds and works around the goal or that particular venture.

7. Next tip or trick is the big one: scheduling. Now this is probably the biggest sole factor as to why people don't achieve their goals. I could do an entire blog post just on scheduling. I'm obsessed with scheduling and calendaring my life and honestly, I remember the first time I got a flip phone. I went straight to the calendar widget and started scheduling! Then, I scheduled and calendared all my friends' lives too! What says a lot about a person to me when I meet them is when I look at their phone, look at their schedule and if there's nothing in it...I know that there's so much more potential for them that they're missing out on.

Contrary to popular belief, scheduling is not something that takes time away from you, it's something that helps you gain more time in the long run! People who schedule and calendar their lives have so much more white space and leisure time than people who don't because they're focused and in alignment with what they're supposed to do and yes, that takes obedience. But, the best thing you can do is to organize your schedule and your calendar in a way where when you open up that day and you open up your schedule, you know exactly what you're doing.

8. Another thing, make sure goals are specific and measurable, so you can actually track them. More on this in the next blog post and 3rd part of this goal series.

Being specific is key in terms of scheduling and inputting your goals, mini goals and deadlines into your phone or planner, though. When you schedule things in, don't just say "work" or "workout" or "meal prep", put in "meal prep sweet potatoes with avocado, black beans and a spinach cranberry strawberry salad with a lemon vinaigrette. Instead of inputting "work," try...complete the first section of chapter 1 in the book I am authoring on (fill in the blank).

Setting intention is so important in getting the results that you want, so schedule it in your calendar and be clear about it so you've mentally set the intention onto what you need to achieve in that blocked time period. You must set actionable steps that you are going to follow-through on!

9. Now that you've got your goals set out for you, and all the steps and events are in your calendar and schedule (that are as non-negotiable as any other meeting and event you have), it's time to schedule deadlines! Don't keep the deadline a year out. Don't keep the deadline five years out. Keep deadlines sooner than later so it creates a sense of urgency in achieving it. Of course, be realistic, but also, challenge yourself. You know that middle ground is for you ;).

10. Then you're going to set reminders and you're going to set jingles and bells to remind you to do those things you've set out for yourself! Use your phone as a tool. You can weaponize your phone! It shocks me how many people use their phone just as a distraction device. Your phone is literally the best tool for your focus, so set it up for that purpose.

Side note: One thing I like to do with some pretty big overarching goals (ripple effect or domino effect goals), is I like to design a phone and laptop background that states that I will be achieving that goal by a certain time. For example, if my goal is to run a marathon this year, I may say on the phone background "I have ran a marathon by (specific date in the year)." And, I see it every single day. It's highly motivating on a subliminal level and it really works well for me.

Tip: When you're writing out any of your goals, I highly recommend writing them as if you have already achieved them. Instead of writing, "we will take a 1 month vacation to South America" for example, write "We went to South America for 1 month." Ya' feel me? Always speak to yourself in a manner that you've already got there and you'll find you'll get there a lot quicker than you ever thought possible!

Another Tip: Now vision boards are great, too. I've personally never really done them or used them, but I've heard that they work beautifully for some people in motivation and inspo.

11. Envision the struggle. Not just the good stuff. If someone's running a marathon, a lot of the time coaches say "envision crossing the finish line!" I think that's awesome, but where I think a lot of people fall short is on just focusing on that elevation and heightened positive feeling when achieving a goal. Do that, of course. But, also, envision the struggle, the setbacks, the things that might get in the way. Now, this isn't negative thinking, it's realistic thinking. Set your brain up to expect the best, but be prepared for the worst. So, when challenging things come about, you've already been down that path and can say "oh, hello old friend!" That way, it isn't so daunting and you've already mentally prepared for it.

12. All right, so next one. Once you've already set the deadlines, set the reminders and scheduled it in your calendar, written out the five mini goals and inputted those, too, and you've brainstormed within each single goal you've set out for yourself and researched within it.

What you're going to do is...are you ready for it?

FOLLOW-THROUGH! Yes, you're actually going to do it. 
I know that sounds super common sensical, but do you actually do this? You can have all the things set up perfectly, but until you actually listen to what you've set out for yourself and take action on it, no progress will be made and no goals can be achieved! Perseverance and follow through are obviously the biggest things in achieving any goal.

13. Now what helps with your follow through is getting an accountability partner or stating it publicly somewhere (of course, where you're comfortable). Because, a lot of the times we're okay with letting ourselves down, but we're not okay with letting someone else down that we highly respect. Whether that be your partner, friend, co-worker, whoever it is...just get someone that knows your deadlines, who has the best interest in mind for you and understands you need a little bit of accountability and a kick in the butt every now and then to get going on this goal you've chosen to set out for yourself!

Side note: One last strategy I wanted to add in here too that works for some people really well is: pick one health or life habit per month to focus on and keep that as your focal point per month. Add that one focal point into your phone or where you track it in your schedule or in a planner for your goals, so that's all you focus on per month. If you do this every month, you've got 12 down in a year! Not too shabby. Now, I personally don't do this, but I figured, just because I don't use this exact strategy doesn't mean it may not help some other people out so I thought I'd include it for ya'!

P.s. when I say input everything into your phone, I'm just saying that because most people always have their phones on them but if you have a planner or journal you use, use that! As long as you always have it on you and you check on it multiple times a day, do you and do what works for you!

14. Remember to celebrate the small wins and know you've already been rewarded. Those five mini goals within each goal that I talked to you about earlier, celebrate those small wins! Every time you reach one of those mini goals, celebrate that for yourself. Go out for dinner to your fav restaurant, do something nice for yourself by yourself, get yourself flowers, treat yo'self! See how far you've already come.

15. The last thing I want to add here is to allow yourself a little bit of grace to be human. It's normal to slip up sometimes, but don't let yourself turn a slip into a slide. Think about this: if you dropped your phone, you wouldn't smash it to bits just because you dropped it right? That would be so counterintuitive! Same deal with goals.

When we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in reaching our goals and say...we miss 1 day or something happens, we tend crumble and want to give up entirely. Don't give into that or set yourself up for that. Follow the 80/20 rule (90/10 if you're a super high achiever)! If you're doing things the way they were intended and planned on 80-90% of the time, you are doing wonderfully! Perfect doesn't exist and the only thing it sets you up for it failure. You know what they say..."the best workout is the one you'll actually DO!" Small progress no matter how small is better than no progress and remember, it's still progress. No matter how slow you go, it's better than not going at all.

Takeaways & Wrap-Up)
The biggest things I want you to take away from this blog post is: to schedule in the actionable things you are going to be doing day in and day out. Every single day you should be working on your goals in some way, shape or form. It's in the little things we do daily that make up the big things. Every big goal has a million tiny ones built into it!

I want you to embrace the struggle and know that you've selected these goals for yourself, so when it comes to following through and doing're responsible for the success and results, nobody else. You have to commit to actually doing the work it takes to achieve your goals. You are worth it and you deserve to knock off each and every one of them! Know that the time will pass anyway. So much can change even in a year. It's up to you to design a life that feels right for yourself. To cultivate it and create it. You got this!

I hope these strategies help you out in achieving all the goals you've set out for yourself and if you haven't set any up yet, set them up now!! It's never too late to dream a new dream or to set a new goal. But then, follow these tips and do these things to actually get there. These things are simple, but they work. I can assure you, if you do, even if you followed 1 or 2 of these things, you'll get there much sooner than you ever imagined.

What strategies and tried & true methods do you use in actually achieving your goals?! I'd love to how you get there. Share them in the comments below! 



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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“Don't ever give up on a goal or dream because of the time it takes to achieve it, the time will pass anyway.”


“It's in our daily routines and actions where our lives are made.”


“It's never too late to set out a new goal for yourself or to dream a new dream.”


“Perfection doesn't exist and all it does is set us up for failure. Aim for progress, not perfection.”


“Don't let a slip turn into a slide.”


“You deserve to knock off each and every goal you've set out for yourself this year!”


“Goals don't get achieved by magic, they get realized through setting up the daily routines and actions in getting you there. In setting up strategies to follow-through on.”


“With the recipe of hard work, passion, commitment, strategy, obedience, motivation and follow-through, you can achieve anything.”