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Sometimes we just need to put things in perspective and ponder about the odds of us being here right this very moment. How crazy cool is it to even be here right now, racing and spinning on a giant rock in the vastness of the Universe?! Can you fathom it? I can't, and I'm in absolute awe! Today's tidbit blog is a mighty one, and although the podcast itself was short, I hope you get the 'gist of why it's our duty to bring the bliss into the World! I'm hoping reading this today will inspire you to take the time to be grateful and enter the a state of wonder again. It really is something we all tend to take for granted so let's grant it what it's worth, shall we?

It's Cool To Be In Awe

Even Albert Einstein agrees ↴ 

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Since when did it become "uncool" to be in awe, have joy and be fully alive filled with zest and vitality?! There's sometimes a notion towards it not being "real" or it sometimes can be viewed or judged as "too much" or "fake." I've personally dealt with this a lot throughout my life - people would think I was "putting it on" when really, it's jus the way I genuinely am, and people would come to know that about me as they spent more time around me. But hey, if that's you too, you do you boo! It never stopped me and presumptions of what others think never will. Don't let it stop you, either. 

We Aren't in School Anymore

And if you are, I'm glad you're here! It may have been "cool" to not care (or to show you don't care) in middle school or high school...but in the real World that's not how interactions work. CARE! Please do. We need more caring people in the World who aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in or who aren't afraid to be themselves. Mediocracy is so over-done. The last we need is more mediocracy in the World. Aim for excellence. Excellence is sexy! Be a leader and leaders influence others around them to be a positive force and charge in the World. Leaders create more leaders.

The higher you raise the bar in bringing buoyant energy to the room, the more influence you will have. People are attracted to positivity, joy, zest and aliveness! It captures not only our attention, but we tend to feel better after interacting with people who bring it'! Let that person be you. No more caring about if it looks "fake" or "weird." Do it anyways and watch how your electricity becomes a magnetic pull. 

Life's Too Dang Short

Don't allow others people's energy to pull you down and do not, by any means accept the energy that's currently in the room - challenge yourself to shift it. Leave it better than when you walked in. Next time you enter a situation or interaction where it's just dead, bring the life back into it even if you look like a dork! Inside, everyone around you will wish they had the courage, charisma, confidence and influence that you have.

Honestly, life is too dang short to give a fudge about how others perceive you. Just do your thing. People are usually too concerned about themselves anyways (we are by nature, egocentric beings - we have to train ourselves to release our egos bit by bit, ego is adaptive in a biological sense, but now we should try to be more aware of it creeping in), so know that when you're inhibited in expressing yourself fully, you're doing a dis-service to not only yourself, but those around you in authenticity and the potential difference that could be made. Think to yourself, do you really judge others when they're excited or joyful? If you do, get out! *jokes, jokes* but seriously, don't get in your head. See things for what they are. And most of the time, they're not a big deal. Do not under-estimate the power of genuine self-expression.

And, if that's not how you feel right now, I get it. I've been there too, we all have bad days, where we get stuck, are in a rut or feel down. It's normal. You are never alone in that. It's human nature to ebb and flow in life, to have highs and lows - but just don't stay there. I don't know you personally or know what's going on, all I'm promoting here is to bring more joy to your interactions and watch not only your mood change, but to see the effect it has on others in terms of influence! When we lighten up the room and others, we in turn, light up ourselves. Isn't it true? And, if you really are down in the ditches right now, fake it til' you make it (this works wonders!) or seek therapy if you need it, ain't nothin' wrong with that either! 

Clarification: When I'm talking about this buoyant, joyful, alive, zest type of energy, this does not mean you need to be the loud extravert in the room. In fact, you can do this in your own way - you can be unapologetically you in your own way. Some people bring the joy into the room in a very calm and controlled manner and that's awesome too! But, if you are a very expressive or vibrant person, bring that on too, do not ever be ashamed of your natural state. Okay, back to the blog.

On Gratitude

Ahhhh, gratitude. What a beautiful thing. Isn't it nearly impossible to be angry or sad or upset while truly being grateful? Putting things into perspective when we feel out of control or on our wits end can really change things up. Ask yourself what five things you're grateful for right at this very moment? If all else fails, you gotta' be grateful for breath and air in your lungs, a beating heart, eyes to see, the ability to be literate and maybe the hope that there's a better tomorrow. Gratitude is very highly correlated with feelings of happiness, well-being and awe - it allows us to take a step back, and internalize the beauty of which bestows us each and every day. 

What Are The Odds?

Okay, really though. Think about this one. What are the actual odds we even are alive right now? The probability is literally out of this World! If anything, this will be a reality check when you need one: just look up at the stars, and as you see farther into them, know you're time-travelling - for by the time the light hits our eyes, it's been a multitude of years or days or what have you! Our years are a multitude of days and each day we are alive, is a magnificent gift. It's ours to unwrap and unravel as we please. Don't keep the box locked up in a closet to collect dust, open it up and harness it - use it, share it, be it.


Think about the people that influence you: how do they show up? How do they speak? How to they interact with those around them? How do they live? How do they perceive things? Most likely they make you feel better, right? Aim to be the person you most look up to, build on them, as they did their own mentors. Be bold. Be next level. Bring the bliss baby! Through these little changes in our perception, we can shift our ways of thinking that we are self-righteous or entitled to being alive to feeling unbelievably blessed and grateful to be here. 

A little note on people who are hard to please or be around…

First of all, it isn't your responsibility to please others. You could be the ripest most beautiful delicious peach and there's still going to people who don’t like peaches. It's hard to be around people who are hard to please, but it's not our place to judge what's going on for that person - everyone is at a different stage, has a unique past, on a different journey and sometimes in a different season. That does, however not give them a "jail free card" to suck the energy out of you. Only you give that power to others. You teach others how to treat you and you have the power to allow that negative pessimism in or you can choose to shift it and influence. I'm sure we can all think of times where we weren't at our best - negative people or people who are hard to please, people who play victim or people who don't seem to have a good time doing anything aren't like that because they enjoy it, they're like that because they're hurt and hurt people hurt people. We can't change people, but we can influence them in the way we choose to show up and if you show up authentically and lovingly and joyfully, it'll loosen things up for them, too.

Our Natural State

Take any person, ANY one. The grouchiest person you know, even! Place them in a magical forest, in front of an ocean, on top of a viewpoint, in a place filled with nature and leave them there. After a while, their state will become lifted into awe, joy, happiness and wonder. And, even if they don't show it, you better believe they're feeling it inside. That’s our natural state. Sometimes, we just lose sight of it ♡. 


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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Today's QT's: Quote-ables & Takeaways from today's podcast episode & blog ↴


“How you show up is how you influence others.”


“You do you boo!”


“Bring the bliss baby!”


“Harness your joy, enthusiasm, zest and vitality.”


“Even the longest journey is a very short ride.”


“Our natural state is to be joyful and happy”


“If we are alive right now, the least we can do is be fully alive.”


“Don't just exist, live. A lot of people die before they actually leave the World.”


“Be cognizant of the energy you are bringing into the World.”


“Be unapologetically you.”