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If I took the thoughts that were running through your mind before you were about to do something that was important to you, and I took those thoughts and said them out loud to a child first learning to ride a bike, to someone who just mustered enough courage to start living their dream, to a player entering their make or break playoff game or even to someone who wanted to achieve a new year's resolution or goal - would they win or would they lose? We tend to be the most critical with ourselves, but it's time we set ourselves up to win. It's your time to win.

Tidbit Thursdays 

Today's blog post is related to my first ever Tidbit Thursday as part of my Podcast Show, "The Happiness Approach" where I share a lot of my own thoughts, poetry, writings, basically my diary with you or a montage of my favourite quotes or favourite book excerpts! Sometimes, they'll be more calm and meditative, and other times, it'll be me chatting off the top of my head! I've been writing quotes and poetry and journalling for years now and I figured they weren't doing anyone any good hidden, so I thought I'd share them here with you! (EDIT: Tidbit Thursdays are no longer happening. I am now incorporating Tidbit Thursday type things into my Monday shows from time to time).


I believe through being vulnerable, we can help put forth more connection and humanity into the World! My goal is that though these tidbit Thursday blog posts & podcast episodes are short & sweet, they bring a little bit of light into your day, a new perspective or a different view. Regardless of which Tidbit Thursday blog post or episode you listen to or read, I hope that it inspires you, empowers or motivates you in someway!

Laying Down Pavement

Think of thought patterns as laying pavement down on a road - they're layers. They may be deep set from an early age - but all thoughts are learned. We now know that our brains are not stagnant, they are ever-changing and have the ability to perform neuroplasticity. We can eradicate entire neural pathways and build new ones - we have the power and we are what we perceive ourselves as. 

But, It Feels Forced

Start with one negative thought and choose a positive alternative, even if it feels forced or weird at first because EVERYTHING feels weird the first time we do it, am I right? If you want to be more positive, you must remember your "why" every time it feels a bit weird. See it as something you will develop into, and that you want for yourself and that you will make happen - don't see it as inauthentic or disingenuous. If it's genuinely and authentically what you want, then don't worry about the quirks in the process, focus on the end result of what you want and do what's necessary to get there, even if it feels a tad uncomfortable at times.

So, even if it feels a bit off, continue on with it...all new habits and thought patterns take time. How doya' think the negative thought came about in the first place!? Something happened one day, something evoked it within you and you took notice - then when that same stimuli/event/thing/person/word/whatever it is for you personally came about again, your brain connected the dots. In the same way, you can un-connect (is that a word? well, it is today!) the dots or better yet, replace them. 

Say the positive alternative out loud if you have to! Then, do this every time that particular negative thought comes up and watch as the negative road fades away. Soon, you'll be taking the path of the new positive road you've built and over time, you'll notice that it's the thought patterns we give most power to and build upon in layers that become part of us and our ways of thinking. Do away with those that don't serve you anymore and welcome in new roads along your journey :). 

Mastery Awaits You

I know this simple act of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones may seem a bit foofy - but, the ability to choose one thought over another is by large, the thing that will make the difference for you. The World's most successful people (and I mean, success is all areas, not just the traditional view of success) have an incredible ability to simply do that: choose one thought over another. It's powerful and with practice, you'll become a master of your thoughts to! 


Corny, I know…but it works ↴

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones by writing it down physically. The physical part is key. We encode better that way - the act of actually writing it out with our hands with a pencil or pen on a piece of paper is magic dust for our brain!

Write out the negative thought, then, simply cross it out and write out the positive opposite or alternative sentence:


STEP 1: Write out the negative thought you're having:
I can't do this.

STEP 2: Cross it out with all your might:
 ̶I̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶.̶

STEP 3: Write out the positive alternative :)
I can totally do this and I'm so ready!

STEP 4: Say it out loud multiple times in front of a mirror to prime your brain for the next time you have that negative thought creeping in on you (and it will surely happen again because replacing thoughts takes TIME - be patient, it's worth it).

Note: Try to look at your negative thoughts through a lens of floating clouds - your mind is the sky, and the thoughts are clouds. Just notice them - and observe as they pass by. 

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 until your negative thought feels more like an old distant friend.

Remember, everyday you have the power to choose one thought over another and that in turn will shape your reality. 

Don't allow your internal dialogue so much power over you. You control your mind, it's not the other way around. 

So, anytime you hear that negative thought creeping in again, try to ask yourself this: If I were to say what I'm saying to myself right now, out loud to someone whom I deeply care about, to a player entering the playoffs or their final game, to a child before they try their own at pedalling a bike for the very first time, to any dreamer about to finally start their dream, would they win or lose?

Now, ask yourself the very same question.

Make that person you so deeply care about, be you.

It starts with you and you owe this to yourself! Try and start replacing negative thoughts with positive alternatives and watch your life change right before your eyes. Soon others will notice, and it'll rub off on them too. Start your own ripple effect today...

It's time, that YOU win.


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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“Be your own biggest fan and cheerleader - never miss a game.”


“Everyday you have the power to choose one thought over another and that in turn will shape your reality.”


“If you're comfortable all the time, you aren't growing.”


“Master your thoughts, master your life.”


“Be kind to yourself & set yourself up to win.”