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We all sometimes feel like quitting, giving up or giving in. Yet, in those times, we have to keep on keepin' on. It's in those sensitive periods, where we're so close to reaching and realizing the things we've set out for ourselves, the things we know are in alignment, part of the big picture, that we want so badly, that we keep digging away deeper as every day passes by, that we so tirelessly have been working on. The things that build up, one on top of each's then, that it's important to take a step back, maybe take a rest, but never to quit.

Here's a little poem that inspires me still to keep going and it always makes me think of the analogy of digging. Some people give up after the shallowest of digs, whereas others, just dig longer and harder. It's not about digging shallow in 100 places, it's about digging deep in one or two.

And, when we feel like giving up because we're tired, fed-up, need a break...take some rest, but pleeeease don't quit. It's in those crucial times, where we are so much closer to hitting our treasure than we could ever have imagined. Imagine, stopping but knowing you were an inch away.

Don't walk away from something you know is for you just because it gets tough. I have a lot of podcasts and blogs up on this topic (even when to know to quit) that I think you'd love, so check them out here. 

For today though, I just wanted to share this poem in case you needed a reminder to keep going. 

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Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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In this podcast episode, I share with you a poem that my parents made me memorize growing up that I think will inspire you to keep going, especially when you feel like giving up.

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