The Legend of The Two Wolves: Cherokee Wisdom


This is something that was always up on the fridge when I was a little girl and it really influenced my mindset. I think, reagrdless if you've heard it before or not, it's a reminder that we all sometimes need. Which wolf will you feed today?

There may be different versions online and in circulation, but this is the one I read growing up. I recommend listening to the podcast version of this short little blog post, because it's a relaxing and meditative experience in around only 3 minutes!

Cherokee Wisdom & Image from Google:

Cherokee Wisdom & Image from Google:

Try to think to yourself as often as you can...which wolf are you going to feed today?




Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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In this podcast episode, I share with you one a story and poem that was always up on our fridge when I was growing up. It deeply influenced me and I think it will influence you, too. Listen in now if you want a quick 3 minute meditative, relaxing pick-me-up!

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