The Rules for Being Human: Ancient Sanskrit Wisdom


Namaste! Today I'm sharing a very special tidbit. It's called "The Rules for Being Human" and it's been passed down and translated from ancient Sanskrit. I hope it inspires you with its wisdom as it has, me.

Having been born in India and being raised bicultural, I can say that even today, I strive to live by many of the incredible lessons I've learned through Sanskrit and through the rich culture, history and magnificence of my motherland, India. Sanskrit is such a beautiful and meaningful language. Now, I don't speak it, I wish I did, but my Nanaji & Dadaji (Grandfather's) spoke it Dadaji taught Sanskrit and my Nanaji spoke 18 languages. I love them very much and miss them lots. There's a remarkable sacredness to it. I remember hearing and listening intently to all the stories, parables and life lessons that were translated into Hindi for me growing up as a little girl.  So many of those sweet little lessons in many of India's stories that have been passed down for centuries and even thousands of years still influence me.

ancient sanskrit lessons.jpg

Sanskrit has shaped so much of the World in powerful ways, along with many of the other ancient texts and proverbs. Sometimes, it just takes reading some simple wise words that transcend time to put us into perspective and appreciate what really matters. 


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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