The BEST Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Night Bazaar, Flower Markets, Organic Market, Rustic Market, Sunday Market & More!


When you're visiting Chiang Mai, a must-do is to checkout and wander all around all the amazing markets it has to offer! There are literally so many but in this blog post I've narrowed it down to the best 10 to checkout. There's something for everyone and I can gurantee you will get your hands on some awesome finds, whether that be something fun and quirky at the night bazaar or a locally handmade artisan item at the one nimman pop-up markets/festivals or at the weekend baan kang wat makret pop-ups. If you love food or art, there's tons of that, too! Read below to find out where you need to be for some of the most incredible gifts, keepsakes and souveniers!

Blog post updated September 6th 2019.

Top 11 Best Markets in Chiang Mai
(and just all around awesome spots to checkout and visit):

Chiang Mai, Thailand is my favourite city in the whole wide World for SO many reasons and the local markets, pop-up markets/festivals that are always happening definitely add to how much I love it! I’ve personally travelled to around 25 countries and around 160 cities/places in my lifetime (thus far) across 4 continents…so hopefully that’s saying something.

Now, if you don’t know my background or if you don’t follow me on instagram and you just landed on this Blog by searching up Chiang Mai, you may not know this, but I’ve spent around half the year in Chiang Mai or around SE Asia for the past 2 years and the other half in Western Canada (at the time of writing this blog post). So, I’ve spent a good sum of time in Chiang Mai and I’ve scouted out the top 10 best markets for you to checkout!

All photos shown below are my personal photos from these areas in and around Chiang Mai city unless credited otherwise. This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own and I’m putting this here to help other travellers out who visit Chiang Mai :).

I’ve added google search links to ALL spots talked about right under my mini-scoop review for each which will take you straight to the google search landing page so you can see more photos, the location and other posts about them!

Alright, let’s get started!

These are in no particular order:

1. night bazaar

The Night Bazaar is definitely the one everyone thinks about when they think “market” and “Chiang Mai.” It’s the most touristy, busy, crazy one and definitely worth checking out at least once while visiting! It’s huge so give yourself a fair bit of time. It’s filled with all sorts of things, just about anything you can think of! It starts in the evening time and goes until late at night.

Link to Google, TripAdvisor + more

Photo Credit:   here

Photo Credit: here

2. organic sunday market at one nimman

On Sunday mornings/afternoons there’s a local organic market that runs inside the courtyard space at One Nimman. You’ll find cold brewed teas, vegetables, fruits and so many other neat things! At the time of writing this post, it happens every Sunday morning and afternoon. Definitely fun to go wander around. Also, One Nimman itself in the evening time has a bunch of eateries and street vendor type food stalls set up near the same area if you explore a bit further. One Nimman is in general a really good place to chill, shop, explore, eat and enjoy!

Link to Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more


3. SUNDAY MARKET in OLD CITY (tha pae walking street)

This is one of my favourite markets, for sure! It’s definitely getting busier now that more tourists are figuring it out but you need to go check this one out, for sure if you’re in Chiang Mai on a Sunday. It starts Sunday evenings and goes until late at night. This (in my opinion) is much better than the night bazaar and is loaded with local art, goods, food, drinks and usually some live entertainment of some sort! It’s massive and goes along the main old city roads near the Three King’s Monument (it’s honestly hard to miss when in the area on a Sunday evening). Definitely give yourself the evening for this awesome experience and shop til’ you drop!

Link to Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more

Photo Credit:   Bangkok Post

Photo Credit: Bangkok Post


This is my sanctuary! It’s a bit out of the main city but is so worth your visit.

Baan Kang Wat is probably my fav spot in Chiang Mai to chill, sip, eat, explore, relax, shop, work and get away from the city. It is a bit out of the city but is on your way to Wat Umong (one of my fav old temples with amazing underground tunnels that are awesome to capture a photo in as well) and is near some other wonderful temples and the freeative art space, which is pretty dang photogenic too (which the restaurant, Pure Vegan Heaven is within). Phew! That was a mouthful. If you’d like to see the top 30 restaurants in Chiang Mai (vegan+veg friendly & just in general, the top 30, then click here!

Back to Baan. I think everybody who visits Chiang Mai should spend time here. I could spend hours and hours on end here and not notice that time has gone by. Baan is such an eclectic, artistic, artisanal spot with boutiques, handmade items, pottery, a watercolour art studio, artwork, cafes and restaurants. On weekdays, it still has so much to offer but on weekends, there’s market pop-ups that locals set up to sell their handmade items which are amaaazing. You’ll find Chiang Mai is an extremely artistic city and Baan is one of the most fun spots to be to appreciate the art culture. Also, it’s verrrry instragrammable, too! You can checkout the top ten most instagrammable (picturesque spots in Chiang Mai, here). Plus, it also has the cutest outdoor library with the BEST cold brewed tea’s annnnd…churros right outside the corner)! Churros, shopping, tea, food, artisanal goods?! Yes please.

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Ping Fai is a market/festival that happens each year around December and is a blast! It’s held in different areas each year but the most recent year we went, it was held across Maya Shopping Mall and inside One Nimman. It’s got food, drinks, crafts, clothing, local made jewelry and so much more! Tons of live entertainment too and their famous roasted marshmallows on the fire. If you can’t make it for Ping Fai, don’t fret. There’s tons of pop-up festivals and markets that happen around November and December, also in January, too! Just keep checking facebook pages or googling and researching. There’s usually always something happening. Like, folk fests, craft festivals, pop-up artisan boutique type markets and tons and tons of food markets too! A lot of them are held in One Nimman or in the Nimman area in the fields or across Maya Shopping Mall.

Link to Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more

6. RUAMCHOK LOCAL MARKET & Warorot market

Ruamchok and Warorot are great local markets (not as touristy and more local). We did a full day Thai Cooking Class and they took us to the Ruamchok market & mall to buy some goodies, first and to look around! It’s awesome for fruits, veggies, coconut milk, nuts, alllll of the above. Within these two spots, you’ll get a real good cultural experience and be able to find anything you need at local prices (cheap)!

Ruamchok: Link to Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more
Link to Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more

7. FLOrist market mueang chiang mai & khamthieng flower market

These flower markets are amaaazing! I’m pretty sure the florist market is open 24/7 too (but don’t quote me on that)?! Love going to the florist market to checkout the gorgeous wreaths, flowers, orchids and arrangements. The Khamthieng one is more of a gardening type/trees/succulents and more type of market than the florist one. Both are Flower heaven. Florist heaven. Plant Heaven. Just go!

Link to Florist Market Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more

Link to Khamthieng Market Google reviews, TripAdvisor + more


The two big shopping malls in Chiang Mai are Central Festival and Maya Shopping & Lifestyle Centre Mall. In each of them, their underground floors are loaded with eateries and stalls! In Central Festival, they often have a full blown farmer’s market on the ground floor (take the escalator down from the entrance floor). They both also have great grocery stores too (Central Festival has Food Hall and Maya has Rimping). Central Festival also often has pop-ups on the main floors too for boutique style local goods and handmade items as well as beauty/skincare/makeup pop-ups and more! I’ve also seen Maya do some fun pop-up markets too! These are both awesome malls to hangout in anyways, too and have everything you could ever imagine, including movie theatres and gyms. I personally feel Central Festival has more to offer inside, but Maya is a beautiful mall, too!

Central Festival: Link to Google, location, TripAdvisor + more

Maya: Link to Google, location, TripAdvisor + more

9. ploen ruedee night market

Ploen Ruedee night market is open late, usually has live music on and is literally foodie HEAVEN. It also has little boutique pop-ups and the restaurants/stalls change every now and then! It’s located right near night bazaar and has tons of food vendors from Italian to Thai to crepes to pizza to burgers to gyoza to vegan food etc! It’s an all around fun experience to check out for sure…make sure you have an appetite so you can stall hop ;)! I personally love the vegan spot, V secret and the gyoza there.

Link to Google, location, TripAdvisor + more


10. christmas markets & other pop-up artisan markets

Chiang Mai Christmas Markets and other pop-up markets (usually sponsored by Singha or Leo) are the bomb! They are seriously so well done. Let’s just say, Chiang Mai knows how to throw a party and a festival like no other. Live music, entertainment, so much happening, vendors, food, desserts, drinks and a good ol’ time. One of my favs is the Christmas Market that obviously happens in December. I love how Thailand is so inclusive and celebrates just about everything! If you’re in the area near Christmas time, definitely check it out. In the most recent year I went, it was held at One Nimman. There’s also lots of pop-up markets that come up every now and then that are huge and a blast so google and facebook all the upcoming events and markets, talk to locals and see if you can catch any fun ones while you’re there!

Honestly, a lot of the times these aren’t specified exactly on Google, but you can always look into One Nimman’s website, talk to grab drivers/tuk tuk drivers or checkout Facebook pages! Chatting with locals always is a great way to find out about some of these awesome pop-up festivals and events. It’s usually spur of the moment and those are the best moments and times, anyways!

11. rustic market (jing jai)

The Rustic Market in Chiang Mai is sooo cute! It is set up on Sunday mornings until around 2pm and is an artisan, handmade, handicraft market with lots of local vendors, pop-up coffee shops & food vendors. I definitely recommend doing this market if you’re here Sunday morning one day!

Link to Google, location, TripAdvisor + more

12. think park

Think Park is a market across from Maya Shopping Mall and across One Nimman that’s a evening/night market full of food, local vendors, shopping, boutiques and more! Definitely worth checking out if in the Nimman area. They also host some cool live music and pop-up events here too from time to time!

Link to Google, location, TripAdvisor + more

last remarks

I hope this blog post was helpful for you! There are so many markets in and around Chiang Mai that weren’t mentioned here, these are just my personal go-to’s and loves. Have an awesome time wandering around these fun markets, support the locals and the Chiang Mai economy while shopping til’ you drop and taking home some amazing finds!


I started adding travel and more lifestyle type/style blogs to my site because I get questions and dm’s alllll the time from people from all over asking me what my top recommendations are, what to go see, what to do, where to eat, tips, hacks etc etc so I thought instead of typing it out each and every dang time, I’d just post it on the blog to help even more people (and low-key so I can just send a link to those who ask :P). I hope this blog post helped you out! If you enjoyed it, definitely feel free to share it! XO


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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