What is Crab Bucket Mentality? Thoughts on How to Deal with Haters & People Who Are Trying to Pull You Down

Crab bucket mentality is not a new phenomenon. However, I think we can learn a lot from it & if we really internalize the meaning of what it means, the World can be a better place. Today's blog post is a transcription of my podcast show on haters, how to deal with people who are trying to pull you down and crab bucket mentality. I highly recommend listening in as it's more of a meditative and motivational experience.

Full Transcript of Today's Episode:

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: I highly recommend you listen into the podcast show instead of reading through this transcript as this is done through a digital means. There may be errors in words, spelling, grammar and transcribing accuracy as a whole that don’t fully align with what was said during the podcast episode, so just keep that in mind. But, it’s here for you just in case you’d prefer to read through.

Hi everyone and welcome back to today's podcast episode! Today I wanted to talk about something that is kind of in relation to last week's show. If you haven't heard last week show. It's on scarcity versus abundance and how to kind of go about dealing with competition. Now today I wanted to share something that I actually wrote in my Evernote just a couple of weeks ago and it's kind of related. It's on the crab bucket mentality, so in other words, basically when people are trying to pull you down and an internet definition of crab bucket mentality or crab mentality is a negative selfish mentality characterized by a preference for others not to get ahead of or do better than one self. It eludes to a phenomenon. Have a group of crabs and a pot in which and escaping crab is pulled back down by the others so that none of them escape in the end.

Crab bucket mentality is something that I've known for for years and I'm sure you've heard of it as well and know about it and I just can't stop thinking about how perfect it is showing itself metaphorically in today's world and probably in the human experience, even in history. Even in the future, whenever you're listening to this, I'm sure it's still a phenomenon that happens in humans as well and I can't help but realize that that's a major problem in our world and that in the end, none of them get out right, so maybe we should learn something and really internalize that example of that. When we try to keep others down, everybody stays down. Now, having said that, I'm just gonna read what I had written down. This is kind of more of just me sharing what my thoughts were more than me actually explaining what something is in a framework and I hope that what I wrote down about the crab bucket mentality just inspires you or helps you out.

If you're going through that experience right now of people pulling you down, instead of just having that abundance mentality of raising people up, I truly believe that we can get so much farther in the world if we rise other people up because that's how we rise ourselves as well. Ain't nobody going to get better or the world going to get better with us having this kind of pulling down mentality, so here I go. I'm going to be sharing with you pretty raw what I wrote in my evernote and I hope it helps you out in some way. There's going to be people who are trying to keep you down

because they're scared that you're going to rise up beyond them. There's gonna be people who you surpass.

There's going to be people who focus on your success rather than focusing on their lane, their product or their strategy. There's going to be people who don't have the same heart as you. There's going to be people who brand themselves maybe in business to look a certain way, but really don't care about the big picture of the real mission. There's going to be people who seemed superficial and fake and who turn out to be that. There's going to be people who work in the same industry as you who claim to care for the same goals, the same dream, but then right in front of your eyes, their true colors come out. There's going to be people who try to claim that they own certain words or certain thoughts or certain phrases, even ideas. There's going to be people who reach out to you and try to scare you and scare tactic you and try to tell you to take certain things down, to do things a certain way, to be a certain person, to run your business in a way that makes them feel more comfortable because they're fearful that you are going to thrive.

There's going to be people who reach out to you and who are gonna. Try and try and try to pull you down because they see you slowly rising, but you. You're going to keep doing what you're doing and you're going to keep at it because soon. All that chatter and excess noise from people who don't have that genuine quality and the authenticity of your success in mind from people who

are jealous, it all eventually will go silent when you remind yourself of why you're doing it. The thing is

people like that exist and not our responsibility to judge them or obsess about why they behave the way they do because there's tons of people that exist that want to see you at your best, that want to see you succeed and that genuinely care about your best interest. We can target bad people or good people all day, but we really aren't in their shoes and we don't know what they're going through and hurt people, hurt people. This is hope and this is in believing that there are good people with good hearts and if you can't find one B, one, there's people like that that exist all over the world and who are we to say someone has bad intent. We truly don't know what's going on. Maybe they don't feel in control of their life, of their body. So when people like that hurt people try to bring you down because they're scared or fearful or jealous, or they're feeling not confident within themselves, maybe they're thinking, what's going to happen to me when that person leaves the bucket escapes out of the pot, what's going to happen to me then? And even so, it's not our responsibility to save everyone's mindset

and even then especially then you have to keep on keeping on and you have to radiate love and you have to think good thoughts for them because it'll come back to you in tenfold. The way you react and the way you deal with people like that influences the world in such a massive way. It's your own little ripple effect that you create and those people that are trying to bring you down. They'll see how you react and you respond and who knows? It may even influence them in a positive way.

Now you're going to come across great people in business and some bitter people whose intentions may not be pure for you. If you feel picked on or targeted, it's okay because it usually means that you're a good person and you're really good at what you do and your [inaudible]. When you're on ignore and people are seeing what you're doing and they're admiring it, but they're feeling a bit uneasy about it because you are standing out, they're gonna, try to do terrible things. They're going to try to make fun of you. They're gonna. Try to secretly sabotage what you're doing, but you. You're going to keep on keeping on. You're going to keep doing what your heart says, what your mind says, and you're going to keep your heart set and your mindset and your why at the center of things.

Nobody is ever a threat. If you yourself are your only competition and the only competition you should have is being better than you were yesterday. Many people that you know today are going to be people that you may surpass in certain ways tomorrow, and the funny thing is is that if people paid more attention onto their things and what mattered to them and keeping the main thing, the main thing in their lives and putting their energy into the right areas, maybe they wouldn't feel bothered by what you're doing. Maybe they wouldn't care because they're in their own lane. There's no such thing as competition and if there is, it really only means that there's more out there. There's abundance, there's demand, there's demographic, there's something for everyone.

Some people just have that crab bucket mentality because they feel scarce. They feel the world is scarce and they want to keep everything to themselves and pretend like they own everything, including even the English dictionary and letters and phrases when nothing and no one really is original and owns anything. Everyone has been inspired by past events and things we see and experience and nobody owns quotes. Certain phrases don't ever feel like you have to take something down because you've heard it from someone else. If you originally thought about that and yes, no thoughts are really, truly original and everything's influenced upon everything else and we build on the shoulders of giants, but don't ever feel like you can't start a dream and you can start doing something because something else exists or someone else says that or talks that way or is that way. It's very common even for hundreds of people around the globe to have the same ideas at the very same time. It's what connects us as human beings, our thoughts, the human experience, creativity, imaginations. Don't ever stop doing what you're doing because of the fear of imitation or because somebody is trying to pull you down. It only means that you're above them and its flattery in disguise. To not get intimidated.

Just do you and do your thing and keep on keeping on.

I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on crab bucket mentality. This is what I wrote when I was experiencing some of these emotions and some of these things happening in my life and I find that when I write down my thoughts and try to really get at well, why would someone really be feeling the way they are and to feel that they need to do terrible things to someone to pull them down and when you get to the root of it and you really think about everyone in terms of a human being and we're beings first, you know, and what we need to remember is that everybody is having their own experience and there's reasons why people act the way they do. So when I had it written down in my Evernote, I came to the realization of all these things and I just had to share it with you guys. So thanks so much for listening. I hope in some way that it brightened your day or helped you, If you're experiencing similar things and I will talk to you next Monday.



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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