Why Being a Perfectionist Doesn't Work: Aiming for Progress & Excellence


Perfection? That's over-rated. Progress is where it's at. Perfectionism, being a perfectionist, perfecto, perfect, perf. Whatever you want to call it, I've been there, too. I get it. Everything used to have to be so "perfect" for me. I realized though, it was excellence I really appreciated and wanted in life, not perfection. Perfection is not aittainable nor is it sustainable. It sets us up for failure. Progress doesn't. Progress helps us in the long run and allows us to become better bit by bit. Now, that doesn't mean you give into mediocracy. That means you lay off perfectionsm and hone into excellence, greatness and going the extra mile.

perfection & excellence

Today I want to tackle perfection, excellence, progress, and mediocracy. Now, perfection is something that a lot of people strive for. I myself am a recovering perfectionist. Everything always had to be perfect and in its place for me to even begin something. I realized though, that done is always better than perfect because you can't really "perfect" or fine tune, rather, something until it's out there and you've done it.

The difference between perfection and excellence can be tricky, but there is a difference. Perfection is aiming for 100%, all the time. Excellence is a deep appreciation for outstanding work, going above and beyond, doing a good job and for greatness. In other words, excellence is a notch above mediocracy. It's also a way of being, not just how you do things.

A note on perfection: it doesn't exist. Nobody is perfect. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. That person you think is perfect, ain't perfect either. We tend to see things from the outside in without seeing any context or really knowing the full story. The thing is…

We all share the same kind of problems and struggles in life for the most part, they’re just packaged differently.

Perfection is something that only sets you up for failure. It's not sustainable, nor is it attainable. It just isn't real. So, what I suggest is, progress. Aim for progress. Progress no matter how small, in the little things, the things that matter to you, the big things, your mindset, in all areas of your life, is much more important than striving to be perfect. Progress gives you momentum, which gives yon confidence, which makes you more competent in the long run. It's sustainable because it's about balance and making steps forward. It also allows you to see and celebrate and integrate the small wins along the way, too.

Progress beats perfection every single time. 

mediocracy & excellence

While saying all this though, this doesn't mean you get to settle for mediocracy. Yes, cancel out perfection, but you don't get to cancel out excellence or greatness or going the extra mile. Nuh-uh...nice try!

There's a delicacy to all this, when you feel it's okay not to be perfect, some people fall into the "doing my best," type thing, a whole lot. That's fine every once in a while, but you and I both know the difference between that being a real and empathetic thing vs it being an excuse to mediocracy, limiting potential, comfort and boredom, even. Mediocracy is way overdone in our society and it's almost cool to just say, "it's all good, I'm trying..." etc. Yes, have empathy for yourself, but don't give yourself too much slack to stay in that bubble of comfort when you know you're meant for greatness.

We have too many people thinking that staying in a mediocre, comfortable position is enough and is good, but you deserve so much better. The people you love deserve better than that. Your influence on the World deserves better than that. This is why I'm here to tell you to aim for excellence.

Don't let yourself take the easy way out because other people around you are at a sad energy level of allowing mediocracy to fill their space. Take it upon yourself to sore higher, to do more, to be great, excellent, to go the extra mile. We all know it's never crowded. And, only the driven go the extra mile. Be excellent. Add something awesome to the World. Take things to the next level. Amp up. Boost your caliber. Raise your standards. The World needs more of that, now, more than ever. You can do all of that, without being a perfectionist.

Remember, perfection is 100% of the time, all the time. Progress is aiming for 80/20 or 90/10 if you're a real go-getter! You must give yourself that 10-20% though so you sustain in the long game of things. Not the short game. Be long game visioned. Always.

Don’t be a perfectionist, be a progress-ist, and don’t succumb to mediocracy, hone into your excellence.

All the little extra efforts, they'll pay off. It's the little things, the tiny itty bitty changes and additions that make all the difference. You may not see it right away, but doing that extra bit of work here and there, the small efforts, the things you do that go above and beyond...they will come back to you in beautiful ways. That, I know for sure.


Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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“Don't give into mediocracy, hone into excellence.”


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“Done is better than perfect.”