Why Doing Things Now is KEY When it Comes to Organization & Saving Time: Organization Tips & Hacks

We could all be a little bit more organized. Organization is a lifestyle and can be achieved within the tiny little mindsets & things we do on a daily basis. In today's blog post, I share with you the audio transcript to my podcast show, The Happiness Approach where I share with you my personal take, tips, thoughts & hack onto organization!

Full Transcript of Today's EPISODE:

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: I highly recommend you listen into the podcast show instead of reading through this transcript as this is done through a digital means. There may be errors in words, spelling, grammar and transcribing accuracy as a whole that don’t fully align with what was said during the podcast episode, so just keep that in mind. But, it’s here for you just in case you’d prefer to read through.

Hello everyone! I have so missed you. It feels like I've been gone forever, but it's only really been one week, but I have missed you! I get a lot of questions about organization and how to better effectively plan your day so you stay more organized, more clean, more tidy, and more efficient in that process. Now, I just wanted to hop on here and do a quick Monday podcast for you because I think I have a little bit of an analogy or a story or some sort of metaphor that can maybe help you out. Now, a lot of this may seem very basic and very simple, but of course I want you to ask yourself, are you actually doing this? Things of course can seem like common sense, but common sense is not always common practice. Now, I don't know your personal life and I don't know what type of organization you're looking for, whether that be in your home, in your office and your workplace organization with your thoughts. 

There's so many different facets of being an organized person. Now, one thing that I have learned since I was pretty young is that it's better to do a little bit right now. Then to chunk it for later. I know what you're thinking. This is a little bit contradictory to what I talk about, which is chunking all your tasks together and bulking all the small bite size pieces and putting them in a chunk or a block period of time and then just going for it at that period of time. However, when it comes to organization or cleaning up or keeping things tidy as you're going, I find that doing a little bit in the time that you have while you're thinking about it pays in dividends later on. I'll give you a small example, so this may be an analogy you can use for other things in your life, but way back when I got one of my first jobs in the fashion industry. 

I worked in a shoe store and we had something called of course, put a ways. What they were was that when it got super busy in the store and you couldn't tend to all the boxes and all the accumulated pairs of shoes that you didn't sell, for example, for customers bringing other shoes out for them to try on, you would have your own little pile of put away is to put back into the stock room at the end of your shift. One thing that everybody found is that I never had any put away is by the end of the day. Yet I was the top in sales and I was also present and tending to my customers. The one thing I want to share with you is that doing micro tasks that take you seconds to even a minute in the moment while you're in momentum doing that thing or even thinking about that thing and it's already deconstructed or out there or you're in that motion. 

It's so much more beneficial to just get it done right then and there. So what I would do is that when I would be with a customer and they asked me to get another pair of shoes and they weren't interested in the current pair of shoes that they had or that box, and sometimes it'd be multiple customers at the same time, I would take all the boxes and as I was going to the back room to get the other pair, I would put away the one that would normally be in my put away box right then and there and I found that my productivity and my sales increased and at the end of the day I always got to go home early because I had nothing to put away. Whereas a lot of my coworkers, what they did is they would just pile it up during the day, go get the other pair of shoes in the back room, which they were already going to go back to get another pair of shoes or a box to help another customer or that same customer. 

But instead of just putting away what they had in their hand already, they would just put it in their pile. I know that's a very simple example, but I'd like you to think about how you can maybe put that into action in your life. Think about your email inbox and for example, just two clicks that you have to make to put it into an organized folder of maybe something that says, read next week or into your trash or into your junk or in a folder that's important. It just takes two more clicks and while you're already in your email inbox and if that's what you're sorting through, you're already in that momentum and in that mind frame to do that tasks versus having thousands of emails that have been unread or read and just not sorted at all. That can make us feel very overwhelmed at the end of the day or week or month or quarter because it's lingering and our subconscious all day. 

It's reducing our output and our creative expression. Now, if you don't even think it's bothering you, that's fine. Maybe it's not consciously bothering you, but at the back of your head, you know you have to sort all those emails out. Or you know how messy your desktop is, or your google drive or whatever that is for you. Even laundry. Think about this. When laundry is complete or it's out of the dryer and in the basket, put it away right away and of course if you absolutely can't even try scheduling it in your calendar or in your phone for you to do. If it's not possible right then and right there, my suggestion is to face things head on because the only way out is through right. And I will tell you when it comes to laundry, when it comes to these tiny minute tasks, I always do it immediately. 

At least I try my utmost to do that. And of course when I'm saying words like always or never, I mean pretty well 80 percent of the time, 80 to 90 percent of the time, nobody is perfect. You guys know how I feel about that and I just hope you know what I mean. But procrastination and the behavior of procrastination is so common nowadays and what that does is that it breeds overwhelm and it makes us feel like we don't really have control or a lack of control, and what that does is that it's depleting our decision making skills throughout the day without us even knowing it because we have things at the back of our mind that we know we have to do, so taking two seconds a day or one minute a day to just take those two extra clicks in your email inbox to sort things out in a folder or put back the clothes that you didn't decide to wear that day to the office that's lying on your ground away right then and there before you head out to work or fold a pair of jeans. 

Now rather than later, throw it in a drawer. It takes a couple of seconds or throw it in a bin. These things take a very small amount of time, but by the end of the day, it saves you so much more time rather than having to do it all at once for two hours. Chunking is again an incredible idea when it comes to scheduling your tasks at hand, but when it comes to these small things that you're already in, momentum doing, that may just take an extra minute or so. Chunking it for later isn't the best bet all the time. Now I understand things can get crazy and you maybe have a really important job interview that you procrastinated and you're trying out all the outfits on and they're all on the ground and you have to go because you have to make it for that job interview. I get it. Things happen. I'm just saying a general rule of thumb is that while you're in the momentum of doing things, it's a lot easier, more efficient, more productive, and will save you a lot of time and mind space if you do it right then and there and I really hope that if you have a job interview that's important to you, you don't procrastinate that stuff. 

I would love to do an interview or job interview or some sort of hiring type of podcasts because I absolutely love that topic. I've done quite a bit of hiring and have had to let go of quite a few people to and done a ton of interviews and have interviewed a lot of people in my life, so let me know on the blog if that's something you guys would be interested in maybe on the strategies, on how to get a job or ace your job interview, but that's a completely separate topic. Moving back to the topic. When you do things right away instead of saving it for later. When it comes to these types of things, you'll have less overwhelm and increased productivity. So next time when you're in the zone of doing something, just remember to just do it now. Rather than stack it up for later. 

Even if you have five minutes before you head out, just take a hanger, put your clothes back on that hanger and do what you can before you have to step out the door. Because if it's not done and you leave it till the end of the day, your brain is already reduced in its capacity and you'll probably be exhausted by the end of the day and it'll take you longer than it would have if you just did it right then and there, and there's definitely a difference between strategically chunking things in your schedule in block times for tasks and legit procrastinating on small, tiny things that you know you should be doing. Adulting, I know it can be hard sometimes and I feel like a broken record stating this over and over again, but you guys, it really is that simple. Do it now rather than later for things like this and the list goes on. 

These are just little examples and only you know the difference. I know you know when you're just putting things off because you've been doing that for a long time, but hey, guess what? If you do something different today, rather than leaving all the clothes on the ground for tomorrow again, and you do something different, you actually pick them up. Your brain will be that much more likely to be primed to do the same thing tomorrow and to walk down that path and strengthen that neuropathway again. That's how we develop habits and stick to them. The more we do them, the more second nature it all gets, and obviously I'm talking about small, tiny things that are easy to do while in momentum or thought already. If something is a huge ginormous project of yours, then of course block off a day or however long that takes you and get it done. 

My goal series is something that may help you out in that on my podcast show and for something like that where it is a huge project. Say your garage or say it's something that you've wanted to do. Organize the kitchen or clean up this certain area of your life. You will feel so free afterward and it's up to you to continue that way of life onward. From that day. Once you clean everything up and put all that effort in and organize it all, you have to keep it that way, right? Think about this. You know those cutlery organizers that you buy from pretty much anywhere that go into the drawers to organize the forks, the spoons, the knives and so on. You could potentially just throw the forks and spoons and knives and wherever you wanted in that drawer and you'd find them, but it would take you a lot longer every single day. 

Why not just put them in their place and once they're in their place and you're putting all the small spoons in a small spoon compartment and all the big spoons and the big spoon and the forks and so ons, it's very primed, unexpected, and it gets so much easier to get to what you need and thus saves you time. I know that is again a very small example, but once you do do these things to organize yourself, make sure you stick to it. That's also very important. So that's my quick little take on just organization and I would love to do a series in the future because it's something that I absolutely love. I love organization and I am obsessed with it. So if you guys want more podcast on this topic, definitely let me know, but I just wanted to hop on here and let you know that those one percent things, those tiny little things, the little things, they make a huge difference if you do them sooner than later. 

So I thought this was going to be a short and sweet one, but I think it ended up being a little bit longer because I think I was rambling. I guess I'll find out when I processed this and put it out to be live, but if you found this podcast helpful, maybe someone in your life that you could give kind of a nudge to about organization or being tidy or clean, could also find this helpful. Maybe a roommate, someone you live with, your spouse. I'm just saying maybe someone else could benefit from hearing this podcast and it's just a really nice way of telling them that they're super messy. Right? I'm totally kidding, but share this with a friend or a loved one that you think it may help out and I can't wait to talk to you guys real soon.



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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