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Do you love the podcast show? Well, then take your love to the next level and help me keep The Happiness Approach 100% ad and sponsor free! If you find value in listening in, consider becoming a monthly subscriber to show your support. Every dollar counts! You can also choose to donate on a one-time or annual basis, if that's more your jam. All subscribers and supporters of the podcast show will get first access to all upcoming programs, products, events and services I offer. You will also receive all ebooks I publish completely free of charge as a token of my appreciation for your generosity and support. Thank you so much for understanding the importance of this and for taking part in considering building an honest, self-funded platform for all!

Full Transcript of Today's Episode:

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: I highly recommend you listen into the podcast show instead of reading through this transcript as this is done through a digital means. There may be errors in words, spelling, grammar and transcribing accuracy as a whole that don’t fully align with what was said during the podcast episode, so just keep that in mind. But, it’s here for you just in case you’d prefer to read through.

First of all…thank you so much for tuning in amidst your busy schedule. It’s something I don’t take lightly and I really honour you in taking your self development seriously.

Now, if you’d like to learn more about why I’m opening up this optional subscription, then please read below.

You may notice that I don’t run any ads or take on any sponsorships for The Happiness Approach podcast show. That’s simply because I made the decision when I started it, to keep it 100% ad and sponsorship free.

Just to make things clear: I’m not against ads and sponsors as a whole. People rightfully need to get paid for the value that they’re bringing out and serving up! It takes a lot of time and effort to do these shows, and that too, completely free. However, for myself, personally, I want you (my listeners and audience), to always feel like you’re getting my realest views and raw advice. By self funding this platform together, we’re creating a forum that’s based on honesty and trust. Which…in today’s World, can be extremely rare.

The podcasts you listen to are free, yes, but advertising costs money. I don’t intend to talk for the first 5-15 minutes about a pillow or mattress or supplement that I may or may not be using or may or may not even like. I know you know this, but…we don’t really take the time to think about it. Podcast shows all cost the host, time. And as you know, time is money. A lot of us are doing this as part of our profession to run our livelihoods, as you do in your own amazing unique way. I mean, we buy things every single day and don’t even think twice about it. Like, buying a cup of tea from our local cafe. A lot of the things we purchase don’t bring us nearly the same value as a podcast show, blog, youtube channel etc may bring into our lives. So, even though this is completely optional, I ask that you simply just consider supporting and subscribing to the show if you find it brings value into your life. Every dollar counts!

If you’d like to subscribe to it on a monthly basis, you can. You can even choose a custom amount that you are comfortable with donating on a monthly recurring basis. If you don’t want to support the show on a monthly basis, you can choose a one-time donation or an annual recurring donation. I recommend choosing the amount that you feel lives up to the value being brought to your life from The Happiness Approach podcast show.

The monthly subscription starts at $3 USD and goes up from there. Again, remember, you can customize the amount. As mentioned before too, I’ve also included a one-time or annual donation amount of any monetary value you choose, big or small, if you’d rather prefer to do that than have a monthly recurring subscription. If you’d like to go ahead and do this, you can head on over to the Subscribe page.

It takes around 1 minute of your time to set it all up!

One thing I should mention too, is that all monthly subscribers and supporters of The Happiness Approach podcast show will receive first access onto all upcoming programs, products, events and services I release as well as you’ll receive all ebooks I publish, completely free of charge. It’s my little token of appreciation for your generosity and support.

Having said all this, please only consider doing this if you can of course, afford it. Please don’t support the show if you can’t afford it. I will love you just the same, don’t worry! This is only an option to those who wish to do so and have a means to do so. I don’t want to bring about any unnecessary financial burden or stress upon your life if that’s something you can’t sustain right now. If you feel you can’t afford to show your support in a monetary way, then you can show your support by rating the show and leaving a review where you listen in to the podcast show. Sharing it with others, subscribing to the show itself, downloading the episodes and tuning in does wonders, too.

Remember, if you’d like a say in upcoming shows and topics, email in to: podcast@poojaanand.com

I try to read each and every suggestion and love receiving your emails. They’re like little love letters to me.

I love you guys! I really do love you. No, really. Even though we’re separated in distance and through screens and phones, it’s remarkable that we can all connect in this way, isn’t it? I feel so grateful to be able to share my messages with you, to serve in any way that I can and to hopefully, as always, inspire and motivate you in your life to never let your dreams stay dreams. You’re the reason I keep creating content and you’re the *why* behind these shows.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me, for your understanding in the importance of this, for tuning in each time that you do and for considering supporting and subscribing to The Happiness Approach in this way, so that, together, we can build an honest, self-funded, 100% ad and sponsor-free platform!



Sending you BIG love today & always! 

My whole heart, ♡


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In today's episode, Pooja chats with you about the option of showing your support by subscribing to The Happiness Approach podcast show! She also shares her thoughts on why it's important to have honest, self-funded platforms and why she chose from day one to not run ads or take on sponsors. If you find value in listening in to the podcast, tune in now :).

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