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I'm an obsessive learner and was born with an insanely curious mind so,

I spent the last several years in deep dive study in both personal development and business strategy. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick— what differentiates the doers and sayers, the high performers, the incredibly successful, the achievers and the truly happy, with the rest of the World.

I don’t believe in shortcuts, but there are definitely longer routes. Let me shorten your learning curve and get you to where you really want to go.


I'm not afraid to go deep

Since the umbrella of coaching is so vast, I take on a holistic and actionable approach onto figuring out what exactly you're looking for and wanting to achieve. It's not all ra-ra, it's work, too. Since anything worth having doesn't come easy, you have my word that it'll be worth it. With my academic, work and extracurricular experience mixed with my unique subset of skills and expertise, I'm very well equipped on the mindset and practical work it takes to make real, lasting and effective change. Yes, both in your personal life and in business.


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specialization + focus


clarity | alignment | mental health | relationships



If there's something inside you that yearns for more, or maybe, there's something that's been coming up for you that's been holding you back in achieving proper alignment in your life, this is where you need to be. Unlocking your true potential lies within having a comfortable and open space to talk about the things that need to be worked through in order to get you to the next level. Having an expert to really listen, hear and read between the lines of what you're actually saying is where we hang out. This allows us to narrow the gap between who you are and who you want to be most. My personal one on one coaching practice is custom catered to you and what you want to gain out of it. With your best interest in mind at all times, I'm willing to go to just about any lengths and topic areas to get you to where you truly want to be.

I have an extensive background in psychology, counselling, neuroscience and in health + wellness. This specific type of coaching is heavily mind-set based. I ask for open minds and open hearts. I also ask that you're willing to allow me to guide you gently through this process. I'm deeply passionate about personal transformation and growth so this type of coaching doesn't just target 1 key area in your life, but, rather, is a gathering of many focal and overlapping points so that you get the most out of your coaching experience. I don't withhold anything here, I give all that I can, because you are, as always, my number one priority.

Topics include but are not limited to:

goal acquisition organization + time management self-limiting beliefs confidence communication skills charisma health + fitness reframing + negativity courage relationships anxiety stress management self-love productivity success habits anger management coping with physical injuries + setbacks self-sabotage health psychology positive psychology alignment + clarity mood regulation

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training | scalability | strategy | sales



Your "j.o.b." does not have to be something you dread, you can learn to make both an impact on those whom you care most about and an income to live life the way you want, on your own terms. Best of both World's! Impact & income in what aligns with you. Now, I'm all about the ra-ra and motivation in inspiring dreamers to dream big, but it's also extremely important to me that the methods I guide you with in achieving your business goals work and are effective. It's not just about dreaming, it's about realizing your dreams via blueprinting and execution.

I have a plethora of experience when it comes to taking your biz to the next level. I've worked and dealt with: business strategy, marketing, sales, persuasion, training, hiring/firing, workplace environment, employee happiness, goal attainment, partners/collaborations, sponsorhsips, productivity and scalability. It's my utmost goal to help you reach your business and/or career goals, either as a high earning empire and company, or just starting out as an entrepreneur. I love helping people build there lists, amp up sales and build strong company culture. Whether it's collaborations, sponsorships, reach outs to influencers or pr, I'm there every step of the way ensuring you've got the right tools in weaponizing yourself in today's World! I work with both brick and mortar businesses as well as e-commerce and digital brands. If you aren't a business owner or entrepreneur, fear not! I also love working with people wanting to advance their careers within their current company structure or those looking to transition to other roles all together.

Topics include but are not limited to:

marketing sales training hiring/firing organizational structure customer service productivity proper scheduling goals strategy organization time management environment latest + greatest tools scalability career goal attainment sponsorships partnerships affiliates brand deals networking

it's my time

make-over | revamp | re-modelling | design



This is for people who are wanting coaching on business strategy with an emphasis and focal point specifically on branding and image. Brand and marketing consulting is super fun! Sometimes, you just need a makeover and a revamp to increase your sales and online presence. Having been a former beauty stylist, personal fashion shopper, pageant “queen”/pageant competitor and as someone's who's been obsessed with business branding and media strategies, I have extensive knowledge in image, branding and presentation not only for how you want your business portrayed, but your team and yourself, too (especially, if, in some cases, you're the brand itself). I've also acquired a ton of knowledge on why image matters (down to the font, copy, logo and website) for your brand or brand-to-be. I help guide you in bringing your brand vision to life!

I'll give you all the ins and outs in how to get started or I can help you along the way in what the best apps, technologies and servers are, including advice onto how to deal with customers, how to build your empire and how to maintain a great company culture and image centering around your dream and vision. I consult wherever you feel you need it most— whether that be an entire creative overhaul of your biz or specific tiny details.

Topics include but are not limited to:

apps technology website design consulting digital branding online presence wardrobe styling makeup/new-look communication copy writing personal flavour design company culture personalizing brand deals

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speaking | presenting | interviews + promotion | competition



This type of coaching is for those who have an upcoming speech, presentation or competition they're working towards. It's also great for people who are wanting to seek promotions, or need coaching on communication, charisma, confidence, interview or persuasion skills (authentic pitching and sales strategy). I'll step you through what needs to be done and the prep work mentally that's entirely necessary to get you to where you want to be. Think things like: dealing with press, interviews, a competition you're working towards or a presentation you've got to deliver. Public speaking and keynote strategy coaching are one of my favourite things to coach on and I'm with you every step of the way! When it comes to things like this, being over-prepared is a must and mindset is everything. This can be small scale or large scale ranging from brushing up your communication and charisma skills, all the way to national or international level type competitions.

Having given over 400+ speeches/presentations both academically and motivational with being a past health + fitness coach, I offer a wide array of expertise. I'm also a past pageant queen/competitor and with my extracurricular experience in networking, event planning and ability to score any job I ever interviewed for, I know what it takes to do press, be in the limelight and work with nerves. I'm confident I can get you speaking, presenting and competiting with more preparedness and ease!

Topics include but are not limited to:

development + execution confidence + charisma presentation skills + strategy pageantry fitness competition competition coaching + guidance interview skills courage networking goal attainment coaching routines + habits

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Personal development | goals | positive psychology | methodology

Executive & Corporate Coaching (C-suite)


This type of coaching is specifically designed to help C-suite roles, VPs and other executives within a high level company structure or corporation. It’s laser focused on personal and self development as well as specific geared goal attainment and struggles that executives, VPs and CEO(s) may be facing. Common focal points range from addressing and improving communication styles, leadership skills, staff management, decision making methodology, productivity, drive and motivation as well as alignment and clarity. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate positive and forthright change within the personal behavioural patterns of whom I’m working with. This, in turn, indirectly but powerfully improves the company as a whole. When coaching upon the personal development of the C-suite roles, it boosts and improves all aspects of the company structure, including the first line staff and bottom line. The personal goals and personal development of high level decision makers and executives makes a colossal difference and is becoming much more popular in today’s day and age. This is why I assess the structure of the organization and look at incorporating aspects of positive psychology into the workplace environment and into the thinking of the movers and shakers of the company at large.

This type of specialized coaching can be done either for specific block periods of time throughout the year or on a regular basis to help with leadership and personal development on a more recurring level. More and more high level C-suite roles and corporations are investing in executive coaching because of the impact and results it can obtain. Within a decade, most all high level businesses and companies will have an executive coach or executive development team they work with to ensure the best growth, alignment and positive movement. Addressing personal growth of the C-suite addresses company growth, subliminally and indirectly. Please note that this is different than my business coaching in the ways of focusing on the personal development of the CEO or executive I am working with, rather than the direct strategies in business development.

Topics include but are not limited to:

self-development leadership skills communication styles staff management decision-making methodology stress management drive + motivation personal growth alignment fulfillment time management & productivity


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All coaching is done via video or phone sessions, upon your preference. Coaching Pricing is dependent upon length of coaching sessions, sessions per week, whether coaching is a la carte (session by session) or a set coaching contract of either monthly, 3, 6, or 12 month increments.

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