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I'm Pooja!

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, host of The Happiness Approach podcast show, coach and unwavering optimist committed to helping you become your best self yet.

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The Happiness Approach Podcast

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What people are saying about the 1-on-1 coaching experience...


“Pooja's zest for life is contagious and her happiness approach is something we all can learn from. She is dedicated and fully present allowing a deep connection right from the beginning, one that will last a life time. It was a privilege to work with her and I've gained so much through her own confidence and her confidence in me as a human and a business owner. So much love for this remarkable lady.”

Amber Hart — Founder & CEO of Mama Bird Doula

“Having Pooja as a life coach was an incredible experience. Her bright and bubbly personality makes it very comforting in discussing personal topics. She can change your mood instantly due to her positive approach in life. I highly recommend Pooja for those who are dealing with anxiety or anyone who needs guidance and support in life because she is full of knowledge and has the most useful advice that can change your perspective and mood after one session. I am very thankful Pooja was my life coach because I will always use her advice throughout life.”

Antonia Katountas — Aspiring psychiatric nurse

“Pooja is an outstanding young woman. Highly intelligent, compassionate and passionate about life, she has a rare ability to connect with her audience heart-to-heart and inspire positive change.”


“Pooja’s presence fills any room with dynamic positive energy. She is undoubtedly a thought leader for the next generation; and her contagious passion for helping others is definitely a very inspiring experience.”


“Pooja Anand is a very unique individual. Rarely have I met someone who combines deep charisma with such a sincere desire to help people.” read more


“I've rarely met a young woman who is so focused and determined yet has an ability to work hard towards her mission and goal in life with the utmost respect, grace, tact, and beauty. Pooja has a bright future and already has all my admiration.”

— Leah West


“Pooja's energy is absolutely contagious! I can guarantee she'll brighten your mood and elevate your spirits in the first 60 seconds. She exudes confidence and is an example of what she aims to bring to YOU... A dynamic personality. On top of that, her go-getter attitude has led her to achieve SO much at such a young age... Want to know what she can do for you? Talk to her!”


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