Pooja Anand.

allow me to give you a proper introduction

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So nice to meet you

Don’t be shy— come on in, take your shoes off, get cozy and let’s have a good ol' time! I'm overjoyed that our paths crossed because this website is jampacked with fabulous resources I pour my heart & soul into, just for you.

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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur,

coach and unwavering optimist committed to helping you become your best self yet.

If you want the full scoop on where I come from, how I got here, my background and what I do now, shimmy over here.


Bite sized version:

I was born on the west coast of India and went west coast hopping to Canada, where I grew up. I love to globe trot and live life to the fullest. I enjoy learning, exploring, eating delicious plant-based food and living into my passion of helping as many people as I can do their thing and share it with the World. I spend most of my time working my vision, creating and relating with my online fam’ and coaching the driven, who are ready to go the extra mile.


Things that make my

go right round, baby right round


rules were meant to be broken

For example: fitness and baking. You wouldn’t think they go hand in hand- but, you’d be surprised what you can make work with a sprinkle of creativity! I’m putting this here to show you that you do not have to fit into a conventional box or a “one-liner” intro. After years and years of trying to figure out what box I belonged in, I realized that there ain't no box worth fitting into!

It just wasn't in the cards for me and that’s a card game, I’d fold to anyway.

multi-passionate is the new niche

Not everything has to make sense. Sometimes, we just have live without figuring out how to.

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My blog is def where the action takes place. It's where I get my fuel and inspo' for my upcoming podcast episodes on The Happiness Approach. I love diving into important conversations and topics with you.

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Listen to my Podcast Show, The Happiness Approach wherever and whenever. New episodes release every Monday, so make sure to keep a look out! Don't have fomo, listen in to the latest episode here ↴

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Let's get up close & personal

My overarching goal is to help transform where you are today into where you most want to be. The gap between those two destinations is where the action takes place. The smaller the gap— the happier, more fulfilled, deeply satisfied and in alignment you'll be. So, naturally, this is where we hang out in my coaching practice.

I offer some pretty specialized coaching and consulting opportunities, but please note that spaces are very limited. I only take on a maximum of 4 new clients per month to keep my coaching practice at its utmost best. Oh, and I only work with nice people, so if you're interested and nice, scooch on over here.

personal, psychological & life coaching



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